15 (More) Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room

Since 15 Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room was so popular, we decided to give it an update.

When it comes to bringing the mood of a room together, the floor can completely change the atmosphere.

Are you building something minimalist or grand? Is it going to be the major feature of your whole room, or are you looking for a background that can enhance the room’s style?

Wood flooring is a favorite with many homeowners thanks to its durability and style. So if you’ve been considering wood, there’s a huge number of ideas that you can choose from.

Here are 15 of our favorite wood flooring effects to help you choose the one that will help you decorate your own living room.

1. Beige Beauty

Credit: Unsplash

For a beautifully neutral backdrop, a light wooden effect will help you create a relaxing and luxurious color palette. This gives you the chance to play with your style, and create a boho effect with mix and match fabrics and upholstery.

2. Arctic Pine

Credit: Unsplash

The Scandinavians are legendary for their minimalist wooden floors, and it’s not difficult to see why. Often people consider brightening a room with a light wall or ceiling, but a pale wooden floor can also make all the difference.

3. Blondes have more fun

Credit: Unsplash

A blonde wooden finish looks ideal, especially if you’re looking to cover a wide surface area. You can then choose to break up the areas with rugs and furnishings, to give you the opportunity to create stylish zones.

4. Ash and Jewel Tones

Credit: Unsplash

A simple ashy wood tone is a fantastic way to show off jewel tone and leather furniture. If you’re hoping to make your furniture the centerpiece of your room, then don’t let the floors compete with the furnishings.

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5. Embrace the imperfections

Credit: Unsplash

One of the beautiful aspects of a wooden floor is that no two floors look the same. Unevenness in tone and finish can actually bring more beauty to the room, and is particularly helpful if you’re looking to mix and match your wood furniture finishes.

6. A beautiful base

Credit: Unsplash

A wooden floor finish is simple and lovely in its own way and doesn’t take much dressing up. It’s a wonderful way to then let your simple room elements shine.

7. Lofty Illusions

Credit: Unsplash

If you’re hoping to recreate a loft environment in your living room, there’s a distinctive amber tone that can bring some warmth and brightness into a mostly neutral space. You can keep the room serene with gentle and muted tones, and natural elements.

8. Style Lines

Credit: Unsplash

Highly polished floors add some stylish flair to the floor, and keep the atmosphere luxurious and elegant. The high polish can add to the floor’s durability, as well as being an absolute joy too clean.

9. Imperfectly Perfect

Credit: Unsplash

If your tastes run to the boho-chic, then look at flooring which comes with knots, and dark elements. Rather than hiding them, celebrate them with a soft wax and don’t worry about covering them up with rugs or carpeting. Let them shine!

10. Narrow lines

Credit: Unsplash

Narrow floor beading gives a precise and uniform feeling to your room, without eroding any of the warmth and hominess. Keeping complementary wood tones in the rest of your living room also helps add a uniform feel.

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11. Vintage effect

Credit: Unsplash

If you’re looking for a mid-century take on wooden flooring, a teak stain can give a perfect finish to show off your beautiful floor coverings. Choose to go chic or comfortable with your pillows and soft furnishings.

12. Ginger wood

Credit: Unsplash

If you’re looking to play with textures and tones, a bright wood can support neutrals, patterns, jewel tones, and textures. Go eclectic with your styling, and celebrate style and purpose to let your living room personality shine.

13. Monochrome

Credit: Unsplash

Stick to a color palette if you’re hoping for a sophisticated take without feeling too locked into something too traditional. A set tone means that you can play with modernistic styles, as well as incorporating more conventional elements.

14. White Washed

Credit: Kaboom Pics

If you’re looking for a simple fix to show off your furniture and style, or to denote spaces, then why not consider the Nordic style of whitewashing. While it takes a little practice, if you’re looking for an at-home DIY project, you can show off your whitewashed floors with just a weekend’s work.

15. Beauty Stains

Credit: Kaboom Pics

If you want to bring out the personality in your wooden floor, then consider staining the woods with a darker finish. This is a great way to showcase your personal style, without needing to invest a huge amount of time or money.