11 Fun Baby Room Storage Design Ideas To Steal

under the crib storage

Decorating your baby’s bedroom can be as challenging as it’s fun. Unlike big rooms where you have more freedom to choose decor and furniture that goes in your space—in a baby room, you have to carefully consider which items to put to maximize the area. Looking for ways to cleverly include storage options in the nursery? From under the crib hiding spots to artsy DIY cabinets, get inspired to try some of these stylish and functional storage ideas!

under the crib storageSource: Pixabay

Create a Storage Space Under The Crib

Maintain a tidy space with this savvy little storage trick. For this storage idea, all you have to do is cover the bottom part of your baby’s crib with a fabric. In this particular design, you can see how the crib is covered in blue cloth that matches the aesthetic of the room. The little space underneath is enough to fit a basket full of towels, wipes, or extra diapers. 

floating shelf baby roomSource: Pixabay 

Use Floating Shelves To Display Books and Toys 

Keep your little one’s toys and books organized with floating shelves. When decorating your shelves, aim for a mix of toys, books, and decor. Just be careful not to place heavy objects such as gadgets and wooden toys that can fall down and hit your baby. 

wicker toy boxSource: Soraya Irving on Unsplash

Use Wicker Baskets as Toy Boxes

Keep clutter away by placing toys in wicker baskets. These baskets are made from eco-friendly materials such as rattan, organic reed, or roots. They also look cozy, homey, and neat.  

Source: Pexels

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Repurpose an Old Dresser to a Changing Station

You don’t always need to buy brand new items for your baby’s room. You can also use an older piece of furniture to repurpose instead. This adorable changing station is repurposed from an old small-sized dresser. 

spice rack for baby roomSource: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Use A Spice Rack to Store Baby Essentials 

These slim and movable spice racks are the best option for storing supplies and other essential baby stuff. You can place it near your changing station or the crib. It can also serve as a toy and book holder. 

wooden toy boxSource: Pixabay 

Store Toys in Wooden Crates

Looking for a sturdy place for your baby’s toys? Try swapping your toy boxes with these adorable wooden crates. 

stuffed animal in dresserSource: Pixabay

Store Stuffed Animals Inside Old Dressers

If your little one received way too many stuffed animals on her first birthday, dressers are the perfect storage solution. They keep extra toys out of the way and sight when not in use.

hanger baby clothesSource: Uby Yanes on Unsplash

Hang Your Baby’s Frequently Used Clothes  

Keep your baby’s special clothes on display with a baby clothing rack. The colorful baby clothes will add a bright and inviting ambiance to the room. From now on changing your baby’s outfit will be fun and easy.

photo art baby roomSource: Danila Hamsterman on Unsplash

Hang Your Photo Collage 

Relive happy memories of you and your baby every day by hanging your favorite photos in her room. You can create a beautiful wall photo gallery by adding Christmas lights or glow-in-the light decals. Don’t forget to get the pictures laminated and placed around her eye level. 

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convertible cribSource: Pixabay 

Invest in a Convertible Crib

These are types of cribs that can transform into two or three types of beds. It can be used as a crib for your baby, a toddler bed, and a full-sized kid’s bed. Although they come more expensive than traditional cribs, they offer more usability plus you’ll save more money from buying three different furniture!

DIY storage baby roomSource: Pexels

Create a DIY Storage Cabinet

Use your free time to do something creative like a nifty storage project for your baby’s room. You can use spare plywood or repurpose old furniture at home. You can also increase storage space by adding boxes inside the storage cabinets. Lastly, spruce up the area by adding wall arts, framed decors, and toys.  

Keeping your baby’s room tidy, cozy, and neat all the time is easy with smart storage solutions. These storage ideas should inspire you to polish the look and maximize your baby’s new space in the most efficient way possible. 

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