15 Jellyfish Inspired Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Jellyfish Lampshade

Lighting can play a very important role in determining whether you have a fine taste in interior designing or not. The modern times have revolutionized the way we design and decorate our homes. It is not sufficient to just paint a color or two on your walls and say that you have achieved your feat in decking up your homes. Now a days, designers are inventing designer lighting fixtures that by themselves are decorative pieces worthy of finding a special place in your home. Lighting, as they say, is not just a tool to light up your interiors, but it is also a medium to light up your emotions! In this post, I am going to shed some light on jellyfish inspired lighting ideas that you can imbibe for decorating your private spaces. With proper lighting, one can achieve a seamless and electrifying combo of aesthetic beauty and functionality. Let us see whether these jellyfish lighting fixtures succeed in igniting your sensitive and creative side.

1. Jellyfish pendant lighting ideas for home

Jelly fish lamps such as the ones seen hung in this living space surely helps to add a jazzy look to its decor. Such pendant lamps add fun to the interior of any house as these are creative and not very commonly seen sported in people’s homes. The five jellyfish inspired pendant lighting fixtures seen are not just a pretty sight but are also quite unique in design and add cool accent to your homes.

Pendant Lighting

Image credit: bestlivingroomdesigns

2. Hanging Jellyfish lamps for home decoration

If home decoration is playing hard on your minds and you want to explore different lighting options that are unique and creative, here is presenting before you a three piece collection of hanging lamps that are designed in the form of jellyfish. The look of these pendant lamps is awesome as these lend out a bright glow that cannot be matched equally by other light fixtures. These jellyfish pendant lights are made of laser cut Mylar and are adorned with intricate designs engraved all over.

Pendant Lamps

Image credit: room-decorating-ideas

3. Jellyfish hanging lights with LEDS

The jellyfish hanging lamps seen in the image will bring about a sudden transformation to the way your home looks by adding glamor to the decor. The jellyfish inspired hanging lamps are quite creative in appearance and exude a glow that illuminates the whole room and makes it dazzle with electrifying energy. These lamps can be easily made at home using materials readily available or ordered online too. One can see LED light strips attached and this helps in creating a glorious look.

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Jellyfish Lampshade

Image credit: architectureartdesigns

4. Home decoration with rainbow glow jellyfish lights

There is a species of jellyfish that is not dangerous since these do not sting, rather these creatures lend a unique glow when they swim in the mighty blue waters of the ocean. Now, one can recreate this unique feel in their homes by hanging pendant lights inspired by rainbow glow jellyfish. The rainbow glow jellyfish lights look luminous and add a sparkle to the whole dining area.

Pendant Lamps

Image credit: wedding-philippines

5. Floating LED jellyfish lights for decoration

The floating lights as seen in the blue waters of the swimming pool are designed in the shape of jellyfish with LED bulbs installed within the massive heads of these creatures. The illuminating effect created by LED helps lend a shimmering glow to the waters along with legs that seem to glow under water. Such jellyfish light fixtures create a stylish aura for the decor of any home and is doing so quite brilliantly here!

Floating LED jellyfish lights

Image credit: redferret

6. Colored paper jellyfish lampshade for home decoration

A proper lighting system can add a dramatic change to the way your home looks and with such awesome looking paper light fixtures adorning your decor, there is no stopping the appreciative comments that will be coming your way when guests see these light fixtures. The image shows how a colorful paper jellyfish lamp can add vibrancy to the interior of a house. The jellyfish lamp as the one here can be made easily at home using DIY ideas. There are a plethora of colored bubbles seen imprinted all over the bulbous head of the jellyfish lamp that seems to glow, offering a visual treat for everyone!

Jellyfish Lampshade

Image credit: architectureartdesigns

7. Beautiful blown glass jellyfish lampshade

There are umpteen choices when you step out for buying the most creative and gorgeous lampshades to adorn your homes such as the blown glass jellyfish lampshades seen in the picture. The jellyfish lampshades are made of molten glass and have been sculptured to form into jellyfish using the art of glassblowing. The white and blue tones splashed all over the lamps look dazzling with blue legs or tentacles jetting out from underneath. The look of these lampshades is seamless and creates a style statement instantly.

Jellyfish Lampshade

Image credit: etsy

8. Double dome blue and green glass jellyfish table lamp

Seen below is a unique and quite unusual jellyfish table lamp shade made of decorative blue and green colored glass. The table lamp looks more like a sculpture that should find place in the most intimate of spaces as the art piece as we would like to call it bears such craftsmanship that no words can describe. With two domed shades offering an eclectic view, the lampshade is a designer piece that can be installed for instant gratification of artistic senses.

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Table Lamps

Image credit: crystal-fox

9. Spectacular jellyfish table lamps with transparent body

The designer who designed such glamorous moon jellyfish table lamps must be a man of extreme artistic vision who envisaged that for modern homes to appear in perfect sync with the latest interior styles and fashion, they need to be adorned with the best of furnishings and accessories that double up the style factor. The shape of these lamps resemble moon jellyfish that are built of double acrylic that lends these a transparent look. Built with LED strips inside, these jellyfish lamps can be adjusted to suit the moods of the ambiance of a room. These are designer lamps and come in the shades as seen here like pink, aqua and orange.

Table Lamps

Image credit: decoist

10. White jellyfish lamp for home decoration

The look of this winsome jellyfish lamp makes you wonder if you could have such a piece to adorn your living spaces! Do not worry as one can make such a lovely piece by making use of some basic items that are readily available in homes. The owner of this house made this jellyfish lampshade out of used plastic cups and taps. Also, there were various other things that went into the making of this lampshade like bits from cartons and other plastic accessories.

Jellyfish Lampshade

Image credit: inhabitat

11. Unique Barbie jellyfish table lamp

There are many jellyfish inspired lampshades that one can see hanging in lamp shops and boutiques, but the one seen here looks like some piece of artwork composed by a designer who believes in creating something that can be termed ‘avant garde’. Yes, the lamp’s upper body or dome is a cute little doll with her skirt resembling the upper body of a jellyfish that seems to glow with its ribbon like tentacles. The whole look of this lampshade is unique and can add glamor to any decor.

Jellyfish Table Lamp

Image credit: wordpress

12. Eclectic jellyfish suspension lamp for home decoration

Lamps such as the jellyfish suspension lamp seen here isn’t just made to illuminate your interiors, but are installed for a greater purpose: the purpose to add a tasteful touch to the way you live life. Yes, the suspension lamp seen here makes your jaws drop by the very exquisite built of it. Made from molten glass and formed into an artistic sculpture, the lamp is an art piece that has to be placed at some vital point in your house. It is an eclectic design, with a very sublime beauty.

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Jellyfish Lampshade

Image credit: hometone

13. Astonishing jellyfish lighting for home decoration

Jellyfish inspired lampshades have always been an object of desire for most of us that dream of taking our lighting systems to a whole new and artistic level. The jellyfish shaped lampshades seen here are delicate in looks with tentacles flowing in out of the white shining domes like exotic sea sirens waiting to seduce your senses with flowing arms. Perfect to be showcased in your most intimate chambers, such lighting fixtures have become more than just tools to light up darkness.

Jellyfish Lampshade

Image credit: trendhunter

14. Alluring jellyfish chandelier for home decoration

If I were to decorate my intimate chambers such as my living room with accessories and fittings, I would definitely try out a piece as exquisite as the jellyfish chandelier seen in the picture. The look and built is alluring to the eyes as the whole make is delicate in appearance. The dome or the shade is dark and has silver tones embossed inside, while the ornamental glass leaves are made of Murano glass that ensure that this piece is a stunner and a crowd puller!

jellyfish chandelier

Image credit: studioten25

15. DIY fiber optic jellyfish chandelier

Made solely of fiber optic cable, the jellyfish chandelier looks astonishingly beautiful and gives you goosebumps when you actually install it to light up any nook of your house as the shimmer exuded by this awesome light fixture is something you haven’t seen happening with other lighting systems. It is a DIY project made at home by the designer who utilized many home based items like salad bowls, glue, silken scarf and ribbon. Apart from these, there are a number of other things that went into making this stunning piece.

jellyfish chandelier

Image credit: instructables

Jellyfish lighting fixtures bring the beauty and mystery of the deep oceans and these are in fashion these days in a big way. One can choose from cool pendant lighting options to jellyfish table lamps that would make anyone’s jaws drop with an exclamation saying, “Oh …what an ‘Avant Garde’ piece of art this jellyfish lamp is”! Take a good look above and get started my dearest friends!

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