Tips for Acing Eclectic Elements in Your Interior Design

Tips for Acing Eclectic Elements in Your Interior Design

Eclecticism is a unique design style that offers the chance to mix all of your favorite elements in a creative and well-coordinated way. But there are so many different directions you can go in.

For this reason, it’s wise to have a couple of helpful tips up your sleeve that can help you craft an eclectic design you’re proud of. Luckily, we’ve put together a short list of simple methods you can use to lay a great foundation for adding eclectic elements into your home.

Design a Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Designing a gallery wall is a simple yet effective way to incorporate eclecticism in your home. Even better, this project allows you to explore your style in a creative and fun way. Creating one of these walls is pretty straightforward.

Picking an empty wall you think would make an excellent focal point is a fantastic way to start. From there, you can select a variety of framed pictures, mirrors, and other accent pieces to craft a compelling design. Remember, you’re aiming for eclectic.

Thus, you don’t need to spend too much time worrying about perfection. Choose a piece to place in the center of your wall. Then, hang your other pieces around it in a pattern that’s most pleasing to you. After that, you can enjoy your unique, captivating, and eclectic new feature.

Get Creative With Colors

Eclecticism uses a diverse range of décor styles to create a cohesive design. So there is no discussion of acing eclectic elements in your interior design without colors—and lots of them. Whether you’re working with vintage-contemporary or industrial décor, you should have an idea of what color palettes and textures you intend to use.

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A good rule is to select a central piece, like an area rug. Then, use the colors and textures of that piece to guide you through your other décor selections. For instance, you surf the web and find an antique Moroccan rug that interweaves bright reds, blues, and purples. If so, you can purchase the carpet and use its colors to select the other pieces you’ll fill a space with.

You could pull from the purple and blue shades in the rug to find throw pillows for the couch. Using the black and white accents in the rug to find sofas and armchairs for your space is also an option. In any case, doing things this way will make it easier to mix various colors and styles into your design artfully.

Fill the Spaces In Between With Your Favorite Décor

If you ask us, the best part about acing eclectic elements in your interior design is getting to experiment with all the little details. Once you’ve got your more significant features—like your gallery wall and color palette—out of the way, you can start filling the spaces in between with:

  • Indoor plants (real or faux)
  • Books (stack them wherever you like) 
  • Decorative knick-knacks (photos, vintage pieces, candles, etc.)

These tinier details will add the perfect finishing touch your space needs to become an eclectic wonderland. And the best part about this is, there are no rules.

Just have fun and arrange all these lovely objects in the most captivating and pleasing ways for you. From that, you’ll create a lively, dynamic new space that epitomizes eclecticism.

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