15 Faux Painting Ideas for Your Bare Walls

Faux paintings have recently become a very popular interior decoration trend. The wall paper trend took a backseat in the 1990’s and thus people began to paint their walls with faux finish paints. You can completely transform your homes by using faux paints on walls. There are so many techniques and varieties available that there is one suitable for just about every home and home owner.

Faux finishes range from smooth to textured finish. They may have the rough grainy look of sand or chalk or the ultra smooth finish of silk and satin. The kind of faux finish you choose for your walls adds a distinctive touch to your homes. Transform your home with the visually stunning effects created by Faux painting your walls. Below are 15 faux painting ideas for adding glamor to your homes.

1. Marbling Faux Finish For The Walls

The marble faux finish for the walls is a wonderful idea, especially if you want to add that look of distinct luxury and class to your homes yet feel that you can’t really afford the expensive material. Notice how the marble faux painted walls of this home carry an opulent look and add to its luxurious feel.

Faux Painting Ideas

Image Credit: ltkcdn

2. Silk Faux Finish

The silk faux finish on the wall of the entrance of this exquisite home gives it an ethereal look. Notice how the décor is complimented by the hanging chandelier and the magnificent rug. The entire elements combine together to give this particular home an air of opulence and magnificence.

Faux Painting Ideas

Image Credit: houzz

3. Faux Painted Ceilings With Hanging Chandelier

Ceilings can also be painted with faux finish like the one in this picture. An exquisitely faux painted ceiling along with a lovely chandelier like the one in this room can add a certain charm and exquisiteness to your homes.

Faux Painting Ideas

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4. Geometric Faux Paintings On The Wall

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Geometric faux painting is a good idea as well. It adds a statistical charm to your homes, like the geometric faux painting on the wall behind the bed in this bedroom. The small pillows on the bed compliment the design on the wall and create a look of harmony and synchronization which makes it look aesthetically appealing.

Faux Painting Ideas

Image Credit: hgtvhome

5. Faux Painting Ideas For The Kitchen

The beautifully faux painted walls add old age glamor to this lovely Tuscan kitchen. The antique look of the cabinetry is complimented by the faux painted walls, yet there is a bit of modernity added to it by the presence of comfy chairs. It’s a combination of the old and the new and is definitely awe inspiring.

Faux Painting Ideas

Image Credit: pinimg

6. Achieving Rustic Look With Faux Painting

If you are a big fan of the rustic Mediterranean look and would like to incorporate it in your homes without spending a great deal, then using a faux finish on your walls would be a great idea to transform any room. Notice how the faux painted walls of this bedroom add certain old world glamor to it. The furniture is sparse yet adequate, regardless of that the room carries with it a look of charm and sophistication.

Faux Painting

Image Credit: nectokin

7. Brick Accented Faux Finish For The Walls

If you love natural elements in your home you would love this charming dining room with its brick accented wall. The large airy room is made all the more aesthetically appealing by the presence of the accented faux finish brick wall.

Faux Painting

Image Credit: pinimg

8. Metallic Faux Finish

Create a look of old world glamor for your homes using these faux finish ideas of painting the walls a metallic hue. Notice how all the elements combine to give this room a look of ethereal beauty. An impression favored in the bygone era. One which would give a shabby-chic appeal to your homes and also add to it a bit of character!

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Faux Painting

Image Credit: freshome

9. Suede Faux Finish Technique

If you favor the smooth finish of suede material and would go for smoothness of texture then the suede faux finish is just right for your homes. Notice how the smooth walls of this lovely bedroom add certain classiness to its overall look. Paired with the old wooden bed and textured carpet the suede finish creates a juxtaposition of various textures which looks charming and quaint.

Faux Painting

Image Credit: images-25.har

10. Faux Finish Ideas For Children’s Rooms

Give your child something to look forward to every time they step in to the house. Paint their rooms with lovely faux finish and add a big mural or maybe just a painting of their favorite animation. See how this wonderful boy’s bedroom is made all the more interesting because of the faux painted walls, the comforter and the pillows also compliment the mural on the walls. For girls you can change the color theme and the animation!

Faux Painting

Image Credit: amazonaws

11. Faux Finish Ideas For Bathrooms

Faux finish is just not restricted for the walls of the living rooms or the kitchen; in fact you can use faux finish paints in the bathroom as well. Take this bathroom as an example; the lovely stencils created by faux paint on the walls add such a quaint look to this small yet lovely bathroom.

Faux Finish

Image Credit: classicfauxsandfinishes

12. Tuscan Old World Faux Finish

Add warmth and class to your homes by applying the technique of old world faux finish to your walls. This will not only add character to your homes but is also a great way of creating a home based upon your own individual style. It is relatively inexpensive and a great way to add glamor to old and boring walls. Bring out the faux painted walls with matching old world furniture, like the one in this picture. Create a room with Tuscan accents and see how lovely it looks.

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Faux Finish

Image Credit: thecolorfulbee

13. Crackle Faux Finish

Crackle as the name suggests looks like a cracked texture in your walls. Though it may sound strange but the look which it creates is quite unique and looks somewhat like the one in this picture. Add some character to your walls by using crackle faux finish.

Faux Finish

Image Credit: doncodesigns

14. Luxurious Faux Finish Ideas

Using a faux finish doesn’t mean that you can only use it for rooms which you want to appear rustic or the ones where you would like to incorporate shabby chic. Faux finish on walls can also add a luxurious and ostentatious look to just about any room. Take a look at the room in this picture and check out the faux painted walls behind the fireplace and near the curtains. Also note how the paintings mounted on the wall adds a finishing touch along with the classy looking furniture.

Faux Finish

Image Credit: dcistudio

15. Glazed Faux Finish For Walls

Adding a glazed faux finish to your walls can bring out the brightness in a room and turn your dark and dreary walls a welcoming color. Check out the way the glazed walls lighten up this room and also compliments the furniture. Perk up your rooms by using a glazed faux finish on the walls.

Faux Finish

Image Credit: merchantcircle

Faux painting your bare walls is a great way to add character and depth to your rooms. Whether you prefer the luxurious look of metallic faux paints or the rustic appearance of crackled faux paints, there is something out there for just about everyone. Call in a professional painter or make it an interesting DIY project. The end result is an enhanced and better looking home!

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