Tips for Taking Control of Bedroom Clutter

Tips for Taking Control of Bedroom Clutter

You often find yourself surrounded by clothes scattered around the floor, a waste bin about to topple over, and a desk littered with things that don’t belong there. It’s understandable—you got busy and had no other choice but to use your desk as a makeshift hamper. However, the clutter leads to other problems, like more laundry and less time to yourself and to get other things done throughout the day. Learn how to manage your messes better with these tips for taking control of bedroom clutter.

Make It a Habit To Clean Daily

The bedroom is your sanctuary, so you need to treat it right. It gets increasingly hard to straighten up, even when it’s more than one room. Start by taking everything off the floors and tossing it onto the bed—it’s okay, we’re going to go over what to do next.

After everything’s on your bed, get the hamper, a garbage bag, and storage bins ready. These items help organize your space and condense your belongings. You will fill the garbage bag with items you no longer need, your hamper controls your dirty clothes, and the bins contain smaller items.

Cleaning should be a daily habit you do once a week—plan out your cleaning schedule on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are an excellent day to plan because it’s the middle of the week, and you’ll usually feel more motivated than at the beginning or end of the week.

Clean Out Your Closet on a Seasonal Basis

Now it’s time for the closet. Don’t throw out everything—go by season. You should only get rid of clothes once a season; prioritize getting rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore. If you still have a bag that needs filling, start with that one first before getting a new one.

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You should take note of the climate you live in as well—if there are more warmer days than cold, only donate short-sleeved shirts, shorter bottoms, and lightweight shoes. You can sell anything heavier online. If any items are still in good condition, it’s a good idea to donate clothing items to charity.

Get Organized With Bowls and Bins

The other things to help you stay organized are bowls and bins. The bowls can be the ordinary ones found in the kitchen. Give each bowl and container a purpose—you’ll love how it transforms your room’s storage situation.

Think Coordinated: Buy Furniture With Storage

As you get older, you’re going to accumulate a lot of stuff. Instead of tossing things out, buy furniture with storage space. A furniture piece with built-in organization tools keeps the room maintained while looking stylish.

The best ways to avoid a messy bedroom begin here. Hold yourself accountable for maintaining a daily cleaning schedule while updating your storage solutions once every two months. Your room’s going to look spotless once you’ve condensed it down.