4 Easy Ways To Upgrade the Front Entryway of Your Home

4 Easy Ways To Upgrade the Front Entryway of Your Home

Your front entryway offers the first view of your home to the outside world. Making upgrades to this part of the house can improve curb appeal and boost the resale value. There are plenty of easy ways to upgrade the front entryway of your home without extra labor or going over your budget. Applying cosmetic upgrades like a coat of paint or stone veneer siding can transform the look of your house without much effort. Read on for more.

Redo the Front Door

The front door is the focal point of your entryway. Consider applying a new color, updating the hardware, or adorning the front door with a wreath. New lighting fixtures can add both aesthetic value and safety to your entry.

Upgrade the Exterior

The exterior surrounding the entryway of your home provides a decorative framework. Apply a new color of vinyl for a polished appearance, or channel your inner cottagecore enthusiast by installing manufactured stone veneer. Consider upgrading your house number with new hardware or adjusting its placement on the outside of your entryway.

Embellish the Walkway

The walkway offers an extended welcome to your entryway. A basic maintenance routine of power-washing your walkway can be enough to polish the path leading to your entryway. Consider remodeling the landscaping surrounding your walkway for a lush appearance.

Note: Flowers and plants grown in containers are the easiest to maintain and rearrange.

Add Front Entry Additions

Upgrading the entryway of your home doesn’t have to stop at the standard plants and welcome mat. Revamp the steps leading to your door with a faux stair runner, or install a luxurious awning above the front door. If you’re limited in changing the structure of your entryway, consider external pieces like a rug to complement the front porch. Choose elements that both stylize the front entry and upgrade the quality of your home’s architectural style.

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