How To Save Time and Money Decorating a New Home

How To Save Time and Money Decorating a New Home

Decorating new spaces provides a clean slate to explore various styles, trends, and creative visions. With the range of interior design styles to choose from, ranging from rustic to art deco, there are numerous ways to spruce up a place and make your new house feel more personal. However, like with most things in life, achieving your ideal home design comes with a cost.

Moving into a new house already comes with many expenses, from insurance to renting moving equipment. It also takes time to unpack and fill your new space fully. To help ease the moving process, here are some tips on how to save time and money decorating a new home.

Start With a Plan

Starting with a plan is one of the top essential steps for successfully furnishing your first home. Planning streamlines any process by providing a checklist and a thorough guide to follow. Plans optimize your budget, room layouts, and purchases. It also creates an attainable goal to strive toward, dictating the type of things you’re looking for and need.

A plan helps you lay out the desired design style, color schemes, money management, and spatial layout of your home. Plus, moving sometimes takes a while, and it’s easy to forget what you packed in the boxes as time passes. Having a set plan provides a good way to keep track of things you already have versus items you still need to get, saving you from overspending and buying duplicates.

Shop Secondhand

Secondhand stores offer discounted costs, unique finds, and sustainable decorating options. Thrift stores collect various goods, providing you with a large selection to explore for numerous spaces, like your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Although scouting through the aisles of a thrift store may seem more time-consuming, thrifting saves you time by offering a one-stop shop for different goods.

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Plus, with a plan at hand, you can stay on task and ask store members to help direct you straight toward the items you need, reducing the amount of time you spend in the store. Nowadays, there are also numerous online thrift stores, allowing you to quickly and efficiently search through their inventories for your desired pieces.

Invest in Multipurpose Items

Multipurpose items save you a lot of money, time, and space. They eliminate the need for multiple equipment or furnishings, reducing the number of purchases you make. Pull-out sofas, extendable coffee tables, hideaway storage solutions, and stacking table sets equip your home with functional furnishings that maximize your floor space and living situation.

Refurbish Old Pieces

Akin to shopping secondhand and multipurpose items, refurbishing recyclable and old goods provides a budget-friendly way to decorate and furnish your new home. Working with what you already have or discounted items helps you stay on budget and adds more personal touches to your space.

Adding finishes, stains, paint, and stick-on contact paper goes a long way in transforming something old into something new with little effort and cost. There are many DIY projects to explore, like turning old wooden crates into a bookshelf and using torn or old papers and magazines to create a statement art piece.

Saving time and money decorating a new home requires creating a detailed plan, using your innovative creativity, and knowing where to shop. One of the most important things to consider when decorating your home is remembering to create a space that you feel comfortable in and love.

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Trying to follow the latest trends or an intricate interior style doesn’t always match your personality and often loses its appeal quickly as time passes. Styling your home in a way that caters to your preferences, budget, and personality makes the moving in process more fun, optimizes your money and space, and creates a homier atmosphere.