How To Modernize Your Home’s Exterior Aesthetic

How To Modernize Your Home's Exterior Aesthetic

Modern homes offer lots of redeeming qualities, from sleek aesthetics to high-tech and environmental features. There are many ways to modernize your home, from working with what you’ve already got to investing in major renovation projects. Here is a quick guide on how to modernize your home’s exterior aesthetic.

Change Wall Colors

One of the simplest changes to any renovation project is switching up the paint color. Most of the top modern exterior paint colors consist of dark, simple, and sleek pigments that allude to nature, industrialization, and the balance between humans and the earth. Wall paints set the tone of a home, creating certain atmospheric ambiances to match the essence of their color. Replacing paint colors transforms a space’s look and feel, making paint a great design tool and the best place to start when transforming your home.

Create an Enclosed Entrance

Modern homes feature various statement properties to their design aesthetic. They include signature looks, including a mix of textures, lots of geometric shapes, and layerings. Creating an enclosed entrance meets a variety of those signature design details. Front porch coverings add more shapes to the entryway and create various depths and layerings by sheltering the entrance of your home. Plus, enclosed entrances offer an excuse to add more textures to your exterior. Most entryway coverings include wood, canvas, or floral-covered canopies, bringing a mix of components to the building’s design.

Replace Doors and Windows

Natural lighting and windows complement the modern aesthetic’s philosophy of merging humanity and nature together. Windows create industrialized and futuristic looks, but the amount of natural sunlight they let in adds natural influences to your home. Opting for larger windows or windowed doors creates a more modernized exterior. However, replacing both windows and doors can be a difficult task and often a costly one. Another way to modernize your doors includes adding smart technology for the locks, door handles, and front door security systems.

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Upgrade Lighting

Like adding smart tech to your door, upgrading your outdoor lighting with smart bulbs also modernizes your home’s exterior. Smart bulbs allow you to set timers, choose various color options, and offer a sustainable and more energy-efficient way of lighting. Modern lighting also features off-white hues instead of the classic tungsten warm glow, creating starker appearances and spotlighting different architectural components when in proximity. When highlighting certain design aspects of your home’s exterior, lighting further amplifies the modern design style’s different textures, layers, shapes, and depths.

Transform the Garden

From the front lawn to the backyard, transforming your garden to a more modern appearance ties the whole outdoor aesthetic together. Modern gardens include a mix of textures, including cement, wood, tiles, greenery, metals, and plastic. They feature clean-cut grass, minimal patterns, color blocking, rocky foundations, and more leafy plants than flowery ones. The cleaner and sleeker the look, the more modern it appears.

If you already live a modernistic lifestyle, why not match your home’s aesthetic to your way of life? Exploring and implementing different ways to modernize your home’s exterior aesthetic includes meeting the various signature qualities of the design’s ambiance. During your modernizing renovation, the main style features to look into include textured surfaces, material variety, solid colors, and smart-tech upgrades. Many of these style tips also work for modernizing the interior of your home as well.