Why is Composite Decking Better Than Wood Decking?

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In life, there are many common debates, things such as crunchy peanut butter or smooth, pineapple on pizza or pineapple off pizza, Coca-Cola or Pepsi? When it comes to decking, the argument is very much the same between composite decking and traditional wood decking, with both types boasting strong arguments and loyal supporters.

However, when all the facts are drawn and weighed-up against each other, there is no doubt that composite decking for sure comes out on top. Why? Well, let’s jump right in and find out why!

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The Benefits of Composite Decking Over Wood Decking

Low-maintenance properties

The first advantage that composite decking boasts over traditional forms of wood decking such as hardwood and softwood is that it is extremely low-maintenance. Thanks to its innovative manufacture using a combination of real wood flour and synthetic materials (a combination of real wood and plastic decking), composite decking offers you the best of both worlds! Here you gain the beautiful natural aesthetics of real wood decking with the low-maintenance qualities that plastic decking offers.

As a result, composite deck boards never have to be sealed, stained or painted to keep up their gorgeous appearance, all they require is the occasional jet wash to get rid of any dirt that has built-up over time.

More sustainable

The second benefit of choosing composite decking over wood is that it is far more sustainable and a more eco-friendly option. Perfect if you are someone who cares about the impact on the environment and are looking for more sustainable choices when it comes to your garden redesign.

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Firstly, no trees are cut down to make the majority of composite deck boards, which are produced using reclaimed wood that would otherwise go into landfills. Reclaimed materials are put straight back into the manufacturing process. As mentioned above, composite decking requires very little upkeep meaning you avoid environment-damaging activities such as painting, staining and sealing, which adds to the sustainable element of composite decking!

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Enhanced durability

Thanks again to the ingenious production of composite deck boards, a composite deck can last up to 30 years, that’s three whole decades! The complex manufacture of composite boards results in a product that is highly resistant to all types of scratches, stains and fades. The special reflective pigments used to give each board its colour makes the board’s surface resistant to heat, resulting in little to no fading over the deck’s lifespan.

With no fading or wear and tear, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your deck or putting much effort to keep it looking good. Traditional wood decking, however, is very prone to fades and stains and does require painting to keep it looking good. The average lifespan of a wood deck is just a fraction of that of a composite deck.

Adds greater value to your home

As a result of all the above benefits, when a composite deck is installed in your outdoor area, it acts as a real selling point to any future buyers if you ever decide to sell your home. Thanks to the low-maintenance properties of composite deck boards, the new owners will also never have to worry about spending hours on the upkeep of the deck and with the enhanced durability over wood decking, they’ll also never have to worry about ripping it up and replacing with new boards because it has become tired-looking and run down.

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A composite deck can be viewed as a real investment to any home rather than a huge outlay and a feature that can be boasted about, something which is extremely difficult to do with wood decking!

These are just a handful of the major benefits that composite decking asserts over traditional wood decks. Of course, which deck type you ultimately choose will come down to personal preference and your budget but by choosing composite, you will be left far from disappointed.