3 Tips to Perfect Your Modern Home Decorating Ideas

Photo by ATBO from Pexels

Despite being simple at heart and by design, modern home decorating ideas still need some finesse to execute it as perfectly as you have envisioned.

If there is a word that alone can describe the essence of different modern home decorating ideas, the word would be ‘simple’. It looks simple, feels simple, and inevitably, pretty simple to execute. But it is precisely when you go in search of simplicity and clean lines, that the complications are also found for those who have to furnish their homes.

While simplicity is what is primarily looked for in a stylishly decorated modern home, too much simplicity can also make things a little boring, repetitive, or lacking in personality and taste.

Neutral colours and clean lines are all good for mental well-being, but is it good enough to make the home feel warm, inviting, convivial, and ready to host friends and family?

In most cases, it doesn’t. Fortunately, it’s down to the execution of a modern idea, not its fundamentals.

So, today, let’s discover all the ways to fine-tune your ideas for decorating a modern home and consequently give your home a simple, linear, sophisticated but completely cozy, elegant, stylish, and therefore unique look that respects your tastes in a total way.

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

Tip #1 – Always opt for some neutral colors: they are the basis of a simple and modern home.

As the guidelines of minimalism and the art-deco-inspired lifestyle go hand in hand in modern home decorating catalogs, it is best if you opt for some neutral tones for your walls and floors. However, don’t just choose the usual bland white, but also a slight variation of earth tones such as gray, ivory, beige, sand color, sage color.

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Even brown, which can also create an environment that’s all set to embrace the different textures and patterns you’ll add later, for your room decor.

Tip #2 – Choose to use clean lines and geometric shapes that will create the modern style you want to aspire to.

Modern furniture designers like Poliform couldn’t stretch enough the importance of clean lines in modern furniture. They look uber and bring down the purpose of furniture to its very basics. No matter how elegant and simplistic they are, however, it may feel one-dimensional and boring.

Photo by Nugroho Wahyu from Pexels

The best solution to this problem, for those who are looking to create a modern setting, is to look for geometric shapes when choosing furniture and selecting design pieces to include in your home. With some ingenious combinations of traditional geometries such as circles, rectangles, triangles, polygons, hexagons, and so on, your home will be full of really special and unique elements that will surely stand out and give character to the entire space.

Tip #3 – Accentuate colour for the focal point

After all the ideas you have developed, choosing the right one will not be easy but not difficult either.

If ultimately, you have opted for the choice of a warm color, such as those that have earth tones, and then you have furnished your home by inserting pieces of furniture with a minimalist and modernist character, it is definitely advisable that you add a touch of color to your home, going up a level to get a truly amazing result.

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The most recommended choice is to make it effortless, thanks to the use of color blocking.

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A living room that tends to be neutral, featuring modern decor, for example, would instantly light up with a striking chair – whether it’s in purple, royal blue, deep green, fiery red, or mustard yellow. You can make it a stand-alone piece as if it were a focal point, which becomes the highlight of your decor.

Then if you want to complete your design, it is advisable to include draperies and carpets in the same shade of colors, so that it creates an idea of continuity; a leitmotif throughout the room.

Final Words

To conclude, it is therefore important to say that The key to getting and realizing your idea for modern home furniture that meets both stylistic and practical needs is to play with different compositions. You can make a mix of new furniture and decorative elements with a vintage feeling, such as an aged leather sofa.

But remember to keep everything neutral except using a striking boho rug, or simply a modular design from Poliform, and keep adding to it as you go along.