What to Look for in a Dishwasher

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Appliances are a big part of modern kitchens. Therefore, updating your kitchen can’t just be done by upgrading the upholstery and the cabinets. All improvements you make should not only be based on aesthetics but also utility. When you buy a new microwave, stove, or dishwasher, expect your life quality and your home’s aesthetics to improve.

One of the first appliances you can upgrade is the dishwasher.

Dishwashers are a necessary appliance, especially when you have a large family. Washing dishes by hand can be an extremely arduous task. Thus, you need to own a functional dishwasher, and updating your old one can be one of the most significant changes you can make to your kitchen. However, if you haven’t updated it for a long time, you may have difficulty discerning what to look for in a dishwasher.

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What to Look for in a Dishwasher

You may want a dishwasher that makes a significant improvement from the one you currently have. It’s no secret that newer technology is more efficient. Besides being new, you should consider some other factors when buying a dishwasher. Picking a dishwasher can be difficult considering the choices customers have today. For your ease, we have listed a few aspects that you can look into.

1. Type

There are several types of dishwashers. The three types are built-in, portable, and drawer, with each type having its advantages and disadvantages. However, you have to decide which one works best for you. If you already have a built-in dishwasher that you’re comfortable with, you can opt for a built-in dishwasher. However, if you’ve had troubles with this particular dishwasher, you may choose a different one altogether. Make sure you know what your current dishwasher doesn’t do, and look for a model that includes those features.

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2. Installation

With the different types, you also need to take care of the installation of a dishwasher. Built-in dishwashers require a significant amount of plumbing and can get their water supply from your kitchen sink or any other water source you connect them to. Drawer dishwashers also work like this; however, portable dishwashers have a much easier and quick installation as you simply connect pipes to them.

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3. Space

To ensure you’re getting the correct dishwasher, you want to look at the space you have available. If your home covers a larger area, you can easily fit a built-in dishwasher. If you have a slightly smaller dishwasher, you’ll opt for a drawer dishwasher that can fit under your sink easily and is more convenient than top-load dishwashers. However, if you’re living in a smaller apartment and still want a dishwasher, your best bet is a portable dishwasher. It can just fix on to your sink and conduct its activities.

4. Sustainability & Efficiency

This factor is important to look at in an appliance like a dishwasher. Dishwashers use a lot of water. So, if it isn’t efficient, you’ll likely get a very high water bill and be wasting a lot of water. Its efficiency is imperative. Another thing you should look at is the material your dishwasher uses and ensure that it is recyclable. By picking a dishwasher made of recyclable materials, you can dispose of the machine in an environmentally friendly way when it reaches the end of its life.