6 Interesting Roofing Ideas for Your Home

Photo by Jack Price-Burns on Unsplash

When it comes to our living arrangements, there are some external aspects we don’t think about much. For example, the roof is usually expected to stay in good condition. Many homeowners don’t think about repairing or replacing the roofs in their homes too often.

However, you might be encouraged to give your roof a second look. Sometimes, the current roof you have installed on your house may not be the ideal one to have. That is why you should consider other types of roofing to find the most suitable fit.

These ideas will help you out with that subsequent process.

Gable Roof

Image from Home Stratosphere

Although it is the most traditional style of roofing on the market, a gable roof may not be the most common. In essence, this type of roofing illustrates what you would normally think of when it comes to a home’s roof. It is triangle-shaped and conjoined by two sloping sides. Gable roofs can also be designed in various ways.

For the most part, you would typically see the triangle-shaped design from the front. However, some homeowners may take things to the next level, where it is seen at the sides of the home. It is a contemporary take on a traditional roofing design, and it is sure to catch the eyes of onlookers eventually!

Flat Roofing

Speaking of contemporary, flat roofing is poised to make a comeback in modern home design. As the name implies, the roof on the home is as flat as possible to create a striking appearance. While this can be incredibly cool to look at, flat roofing is also powerful enough to withstand inclement weather.

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The materials used when making this type of roof can withstand even the heaviest of snow loads, for instance. Just be sure to hire a good flat roofing company like SKP Roofing to ensure proper installation. The final result will look fantastic at the end of the day.

Dutch Colonial

If you want to step your roof game up a bit, going the route of this type of roofing may be your best bet. Dutch Colonial roofs can be seen as a spin on the typical gable roof you might see regularly. While the triangle shape is still visible, it is redesigned into another memorable structure.

The sloping sides are not as straight as the gable roof. Instead, they can be seen as curved slopes, which creates quite a powerful image. Moreover, this helps tremendously with the weather, as the roof allows heavy snow or rain to slide down easier. Dutch Colonial roofs can be built in many ways, all of which look great when finished.

Dormer Roofing

Image from TheSpruce

Gable roofing may be the most traditional type of roof currently, but it is a trait shared by dormer roofing too. This type of roof is particularly striking for its visible appearance. You have probably seen a few of these while driving down a street where high-end homes are built. It all starts with the windows here.

In this type of roofing, the large windows extend forward from the roof itself. Moreover, they have their miniature types of roofing over them, creating a memorable appearance. These miniature roofs can also have different materials used in their composition. It is a perfect opportunity to get creative with what you prefer.

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Image from Curbed Seattle

Should you want to go the route of something truly striking, you’d find no better option than a skillion roof. This particular style of roofing is for those who have homes that are built in a certain manner. Similar in vein to a flat roof, a skillion roof is constructed in just one direction.

Not only does this result in vivid angles being created, but it merges perfectly with the type of home you have. For added effect, skillion roofing prevents inclement weather conditions from having more of an impact on the roof itself. The steepness of its design allows for a quick runoff, benefitting the roof’s condition overall.

Metal Roofing

Image from HomeTypes

As one of the newer types of roofing available, metal is a great choice in material to go with. That is because the material can come in various formats, such as aluminum, steel, or copper. When created in a certain way, the house itself will have a distinct flair and aesthetic!