The Ultimate Home Workshop: Essential Equipment and Must-Have Tools

Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

Are you a keen DIY enthusiast? Or maybe you’re among the millions of self-employed workers in the UK? No matter which applies to you best, the importance of a properly stocked and well-designed home workshop shouldn’t be ignored. The decision to work from home can be one of choice or circumstance. But all your best efforts can be undone if you don’t have the right spot to get the job done. And knowing what you need for the ultimate home workshop is essential.

The benefits of a well-equipped home workshop

Your home workshop could be located in a garage, cellar, or outbuilding – such as a shed. But all the best home workspaces share the same features. In the first instance, it’s a private area for you to get on with the job. You don’t need to worry any noise, mess, or disruptions. And it will have everything you need to make the repairs and start the projects on your ‘to-do’ list.

So, what does the ideal home workshop look like – and what’s inside?

Essential Equipment: What you need to consider

1. Tools, storage, and displays

Just as having the right tools to do the job is important, so too is the ability to keep them safe and secure when not in use. Your equipment needs to be easily found when you need them as well. So, think about how best to store and display your tool collection. Hanging drills on a tool rack or shelf, for example, will give easy access and safe storage in equal measure.

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2. Room to get the work done

How much space you need will depend on the type of work or project you’re involved with. For small electronics, your space requirements aren’t that significant. On the other hand, however, car repair/restoration or joinery are two examples where you’ll need plenty of operating space. Sturdy work benches will be important for the heavier items that you work on in your workshop.

3. Electricity and other utilities

Adequate lighting and sockets for power tools are must-haves in any workshop – no matter the project or purpose. You might even need a plumbed-in water supply too. Making sure these are in place and up to standard can ensure your home workshop is as efficient as it can be. Added extras, like a mini fridge or music system might elevate your workshop to the ultimate level, but these are just personal preference.

Photo by Sidney Pearce on Unsplash

4. Making it your “own” space

It’s not the most immediate consideration in the grand scheme of things. But putting your own mark on the ultimate home workshop is great idea. After all, it’s a space that you’ll spend a lot of time in – and feeling ‘at home’ there can have a positive psychological impact. You might want to hang some posters, signs or show some collectables to truly make it your own.

5. PPE and safety equipment

The safety risks in a home workshop are much the same as any commercial premises. So, you need to pay close attention to what PPE and safety equipment you need. For all self-employed people working from home, there may be certain legal requirements to meet too.

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Working from home: Making it work for you

The ultimate home workshop can be your very own oasis of creativity and productivity. But if it lacks crucial equipment or leaves you constrained by space, the benefits can soon wear off. It’s one reason why you need to think about the points above. But it’s about making sure that your home workshop is set up to serve you (and your customers) for many years to come.