21 Clever Ways To Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Tired of bumping your elbows against some utensil lying around aimlessly while you make your way across numerous pots and spatulas to reach that one container that contains spices? If yes, its a must that you adopt the below mentioned ways to maximize your kitchen cabinet storage. The 21 ways listed today are quiet clever and will bring you freedom from worrying about how to get rid of a cluttered up storage in your kitchen. Take a look:

1. Get creative with the insides of cabinets

Mostly, its our untidy cabinet interiors that pose a problem in our trial to locate the required things that we need to cook delicious dishes. Usually, the cabibet is so haphazardly arranged that we do waste a lot of time in finding the exact accessory that is required, for example, measuring cups. Hence, a clever way to bring some uniformity to the interiors of a cabinet is to decorate it with a theme such as the chalkboard theme seen below where the door of the cabinet has been designed with cups of all measures and measuring equivalents.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Image Credit: pixel

2. Get storage trays under your kitchen sink

With kitchen cabinet ideas such as this one, you can give more space to your cabinets with storage trays built under your sink just as the one seen below where the trays have been fitted under the sink area to store kitchen items like cleaning soap, detergent, foils and all the things typically used in a kitchen everyday. These trays can go back inside when you close the door and don’t gobble up space.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Image Credit: goodshomedesign

3. Opt for open cabinets to maximize storage

Open kitchen cabinets are very functional and literally force us to incorporate a more arranged look inside. When your cabinets are devoid of any doors, you are bound to keep things like bottles, jars, plates and other cutlery in place since there is every chance for your guests to see how tidy or untidy you are in your kitchen. The image below is that of a beautiful kitchen where the cabinet doesn’t have any door and has open shelves where things are stored systematically.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: lushome

4. Add hidden kick drawers under your cabinets

These drawers help in storing a number of things like kitchen utensils, crockery and even towels that needn’t be stored anyplace else. The kick drawers seen in this kitchen are utilized for keeping a number of kitchen accessories like baking tray and other related items of daily use. These help in saving space.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Image Credit: stashvault

5. Have the habit of hanging mugs under your kitchen cabinet

If you can hang your cups under your cabinets, there is nothing like it! Yes, a cabinet that explodes with a dozen cups when you open it is an eyesore and as such, hanging these by hooks is a far better idea in case you want to have a cleaner look for your kitchen. The image seen here shows how systematic the kitchen looks with these hanging cups. Hooks can accommodate at least dozen of cups of varying sizes and colors, and this helps in adding style to your decor.

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Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Image Credit: nmsapartments

6. Fit under shelve jars to maximize on space

Another clever way to maximize space in your kitchen cabinets is to fit under shelve transparent jars containing a variety of things like grains, sugar, salt and pepper. Doing this will ensure that you keep your cabinets free of over stuffed jars and also do not over stuff your counter top as well. Seen below is a clever idea where the designer has fitted jars under shelves to save on space.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: hildablue

7. Have a roll out pantry cabinet in your kitchen

A roll or pull out pantry cabinet helps you store as many items as you need without creating an additional place to accommodate these. The roll out pantry seen below is a clever idea for anyone who wants to save on space and does not want to waste time searching for ‘that bottle’ of sauce or condiment required urgently.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: durasupreme

8. Have a wine rack built inside your kitchen island

Want to save big on your kitchen’s space but with style? Well, you must install an island that has an inbuilt wine rack for storing wine bottles systematically. The wooden island seen below has wine racks which solves the problem of finding an additional cabinet to store these huge bottles. The look is smart and indeed saves a lot of space.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Image Credit: billmyanswer

9. Place decorative jars on countertops

Any kitchen counter top looks congested and cluttered with big stacks of sugar and flour. Hence, in order to save on space, buy decorative pantry jars to store grains and other condiments, and arrange them neatly on the counter top, just like the ones as seen in the image below. These jars not only look crafty but also eat lesser space, thereby allowing you to work freely.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Image Credit: pixel

10. Install corner drawers to store additional things

Corner drawers can be installed in between your main kitchen cabinet to store multiple things like spoons, spatulas, glasses and a host of other items that you need in your kitchen. The corner drawer seen below looks classy and helps in saving cabinet space as well.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Image Credit: homesandhues

11. Go ahead and organize your kitchen pantry

First things first, you need to de your pantry cabinet. Remove all those items that aren’t necessary and keep those that are important. Arrange similar items together like jars with jars, and glasses with glasses and so on. This will help you manage your pantry better and more efficiently just like the pantry seen below where everything is organized properly to enable fast handling. An organized pantry is definitely one of the most effective kitchen cabinet ideas you can come across and this, you must initiate immediately in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Image Credit: tqn

12. Buy a custom made cupboard kitchen to save on space

Seen below is a cupboard kitchen that looks chic and very compact, housing almost all the things and accessories needed for cooking. The cupboard is suitable for small houses or apartments and is built of oak. Some features included here are taps, fridge, microwave and a sink.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: architecturendesign

13. Choose a kitchen island with built in refrigerator

Having an island that comes equipped with a refrigerator and other features helps you save a lot of space as you get everything together in one place and there is no need to clutter up the kitchen floor unnecessarily. The island seen below has a built in fridge and is multi functional.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: heirloomscustomcabinets

14. Have dish drawers that are more functional

Dish drawers need to be more practical so that they serve full utility and save space. Seen below is a wooden drawer built to store dishes and bowls of varying sizes. The whole drawer is divided into sections so as to fit in as many dishes as possible.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: funofbreak

15. Take your pick at the most functional pocket drawers

Do you want to hide your microwave or cluttered up shelves when not in use and wish to adopt the best of kitchen storage ideas that help you do the same? If so, pick pocket drawers that can hide away all the features or appliances when you do not wish them to be seen. The image below shows how cleverly the pocket drawers have successfully hidden kitchen items from being seen. These drawers are functional and offer systematic storage in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Image Credit: pinimg

16. Find space for extra storage in cupboards and shelves

If you need to maximize space in your Kitchen storage cabinet, you must think of ways and means to add extra storage space, either inside the kitchen or outside of it. The image below shows how an ordinary cupboard can be used to store things like plastic jars, containers and glasses. While the lower shelves are used to keep jars, the upper most shelve is used for storing glassware.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Image Credit: thearepa

17. Make your storage more functional by adding floating shelves

For your kitchen cabinets to look tidy, you need to think of ways to not only create extra storage but also to make storing stylish just like the floating shelves seen below where they have been used to store various kitchen items like jars, mixer, bowls and cups systematically.

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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: omborokko

18. Hang your pots and pans from a wall rack

You can hang some pots and a few pans from a simple wall shelve or rack to save space in your kitchen like the one in the image below. The rack is made of steel and is used to hang and store a number of kitchen utensils. This is a simple way to add more storage space in your kitchen without spending too much.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: adelaideoutdoorkitchens

19. Build a spice rack under your kitchen cabinet

The cabinet is one place that can de clutter your kitchen and there are plenty of ways you can save on space like having a rack built under the cabinet to store spice jars. The spice rack seen below has been attached under the wooden cabinet and stores a number of spice jars systematically, thereby, solving your storage problems. The rack can be pulled in and out that makes it more practical.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Image Credit: homesthetics

20. Try arranging similar things together in shelves

Like shown below, you must put similar things together just like whats been done here. The cabinet has many layers of shelves, one designated for sweet, another for spicy, and the third for snacks. Keeping items like this helps you to find items that are needed urgently and you don’t end up wasting your time trying to find the one particular thing you want.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Image Credit: homemydesign

21. Arrange items meticulously

If you need to have an organized feel for your kitchen, you should try arranging kitchenware as per their use. The items that are used frequently must be arranged on the counter top or on lower shelves, and for those that are not needed everyday, they can be stored on upper shelves. The white cabinets and shelves seen here are used to store crockery that is not utilized everyday, while on the counter top, are seen jars and appliances arranged for easy use.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Image Credit: renovatorstore

The kitchen cabinet storage ideas showcased above are functional and would help you have a systematic storage in your kitchen. There are plenty of kitchen storage ideas circulating the internet today and all these offer you fantastic and clever ways in which you can solve your clutter problem easily. For those that want to keep things minimalist, there are such storage solutions available that do not need lot of money in buying them such as simple floating wooden shelves and minimalist spice racks under cabinets. Do take a look at these ideas and de clutter your cabinets today.

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