Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Property’s Value

Want to increase the value of your property so you can sell it for a high price or refinance the loan on it? Or perhaps you simply want to feel good about its worth? Either way, don’t forget to pay attention to the exterior of your home, as well as the interior.

Do a little research and strategic planning, and you’ll discover that completing smart landscaping projects is an ideal way to add value without putting a strain on your wallet. You can complete many of these tasks quickly and easily, too.

Maintain and Edge Your Lawn

Photo by Daniël Maas on Unsplash

First up, focus on your lawn. If it’s neat, healthy, green and lush, it will make the whole outdoor area look more impressive, and therefore boost property value. Help your lawn along by mowing it regularly, but don’t cut off more than a third of the blades at once as this can damage the grass. 

Aerate and fertilize a couple of times per year, rake up leaves before they cover the lawn as a mat and suffocate it, and water as often as the grass needs it. If this maintenance is all too much, look online for a professional to help you out. Search terms like “lawn service near me” to find options in your area. 

Edging helps, too. With edged lawns, yards seem tamed and easier to handle. Low-maintenance is what most property buyers want these days, as they don’t have time to spend hours in the garden each week. Creating an edge can come from a traditional physical barrier (think timber planks, stones, bricks or steel) between the grass and a garden bed, fence, or path. Another idea is to put in an edge with a sharp spade, creating separation between two areas. 

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Cover Up Property Shortfalls with Plants

Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

Help buyers fall in love with your place by limiting the number of obvious drawbacks about the home and its outdoor areas. In the yard, for instance, people are often put off if it seems there isn’t enough privacy because of overlooking neighbors, or the road’s too close and noisy. 

To combat these kinds of potential issues, add more plants. For example, plant hedging or trees to stop neighbors from being able to look into the yard, and put in plants at the front of the property to block sound and change the view from the front door. 

Plants may not create a full barrier straight away, particularly if you’re using smaller and more affordable options, but people will notice you’ve taken steps to address issues. They’ll feel better knowing that over time, plants will give more cover. 

Focus on Walkways and Lighting

Photo by Daniel Zurnau on Unsplash

Homebuyers want outdoor areas that are easy to navigate, too. Make sure you have neat, even paths that won’t cause people to trip over and hurt themselves, or stumble about in the dark. Lighting is your friend, too. Many buyers conduct house inspections after work because that’s the only spare time they have, or because they want to get a feel for properties at night time. 

Don’t put them off with backyards that seem usable only during daylight hours. Plus, remember that good lighting makes people feel more secure because they can tell burglars or other criminals can’t easily lurk in the shadows. Lighting along pathways and around yards helps show off the serenity and beauty of the flowers, shrubs, and trees you’ve added to outdoor areas, not to mention other landscaping features like decks, patios, play equipment, and the like. 

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Add or Repair Fencing 

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Fencing is another must. Fences provide separation between your property and neighbors’, as well as the road. This makes your home feel more private. Families with small children or pets who need to be kept contained and safe are also on the lookout for these boundaries. These days most potential buyers search for a home with fencing along every border.

People also want this fencing to be in good condition, of course, so if you have some, but it’s falling down, missing planks, gate latches don’t work, or the paint’s peeling, get to work ASAP on repairs.