12 Simple Kid’s Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you have kids at home, then there are probably lots of toys scattered all over their room. Of course, you cannot forbid your kids from playing. That’s just in their nature. However, there are ways on how you can keep your kid’s room organized. Here are 12 creative Kid’s Room Storage Ideas that can serve as your inspiration in taming the mess in your child’s bedroom.

1. Daybed with under the bed drawers

Photo by Evelina Susyk on Unsplash

If your child is the kind that leaves all 15 of his pillows on his bed every day, you’re bound to find a couple pillows cluttering the bedroom. If this is the case, it may be time for you to find a bed with under the bed storage. The drawers make it easy to pick up extra blankets, pillows, and really everything else, and put it away in a neat, tidy manner. Plus, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for if you need another blanket in the winter!

2. Built in wall shelves

Photo by Hayden Scott on Unsplash

Okay, the picture showed may be a little extravagant, but the idea is if you have a daughter who loves collected bird feathers and seashells, it may make her day if you buy her shelves to proudly display all her hard work. If her room is a little dark, a suggestion would be to paint it bright blue or pink.

3. Green and gold cabinet

Photo by Merylove Crafts on Unsplash

This small but handy cabinet is in the perfect colors. Whether your girl loves gold, or your son’s favorite color is green due to his obsession with Ninja Turtles, this cabinet is perfect in their bedroom. It can store toys, books, school supplies, etc. From a lot of experience I know how annoying it can be to always see a cluttered desk, and if you’re also like that, these can be lifesavers.

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4. Circular peach colored shelves

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

Shelves can be used many ways, ranging from displaying snow globes to storing toys. This peach/pink color is soft and gentle, and may result in your daughter endlessly adding new items to it to show off to her BFF. If you decide she no longer likes pink, here’s an idea: Paint it!

5. Rolling storage unit for book storage

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Rolling shelves are really effective, especially if your kid is a major bookworm. Does he have literally thousands of books on the floor? And even more on his bed? Use rolling storage unit. Best of all, when guests come over, you can roll it into his closet and his room will be tidy without sight of a book anywhere.

6. Wood desk with white drawers

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

Simple and useful. This desk has some drawers that are easy to access and easy to store all those papers and pens your kids has on their desks. Since the table isn’t that large, from the chair you should be able to access any object in it. If you decide that the colors clash, you can remove the top and go to almost any furniture store to find a white one.

7. Pegs to hold clothing items

Photo by Marcus Bellamy on Unsplash

Pegs can be put in a wall without hassle. Within minutes you have multiple brand new hat hangers. They are not only used for hats, as of many people use them to hang up coats, scarves, etc. These are especially useful in a small room, because the entire upper half can be a clothing pegboard, while the lower half could really be used for anything.

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8. Built in storage desk with white shelves on both sides

Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

This stunning layout is one of my personal favorites. Some kids just seem to have an infinite number of pens and pencils on the desk, despite how many shelves for storage you buy. If this sounds weirdly familiar, maybe it’s time for you to get a built in storage desk. Depending on the depth, maybe it can help you see your son’s shining white desk for the first time in months. If he still has notebooks and other supplies, maybe shelves on either side will help.

9. Wood hollow shelves

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

These cute wooden shelves are perfect for a room with not that much wall space. You can not only put little objects inside, but also on top. Of course, you don’t have to use the top space, but it does save lots of space.

10. Shelves on top of bed

Photo by Christa Grover on Unsplash

Does your daughter love collecting everything and reading nonstop? Well, between the two, there’s bound to be some books or Beanie Babies on the floor all day, every day. If there isn’t, you must already have some storage ideas of your own. But if you do find yourself continuously tripping over Beanie Babies, you may want to consider over the bed storage. The bottom can be used as nightstands, and the top can be used to store anything. It’s very convenient if she has a small bedroom and can’t help that there’s always a mess on the floor.

11. Woven basket storage

Woven baskets are an easy answer to storage problems. Many of them are cheap, and look good in any room. If it’s a large basket, you can hold many items in it all at once. Besides, they look neat and organized even if the inside is in a state of disorder.

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12. Shelves over the desk

Photo by Michael Soledad on Unsplash

This is probably what many people already have in their child’s room, but if not, that’s what this is for! Over the desk shelves are simple and self-explanatory. If your kid is tall, you can install the shelves high above their desk so it’s easy to reach and not in the way. Some people use them to store photos, others to store pottery, and yet others to store their Lego creations. Indeed, these can be used to store a great amount of items.

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