How To Set Up An Entertainment Room At Home

Many families are beginning to realize the comfort of simply staying at home. When travel is still limited, your home can now be the very place to provide ample entertainment. You don’t have to worry about leaving the home to keep kids and adults alike entertained and happy during the weekends.

This is perhaps the driving force that brought you here. Setting up an entertainment room makes a lot more sense now. Apart from being the family space for everyone in the household, your entertainment room can also be the place for you to entertain guests when you have parties and occasions for them to come over.

In this article, you’ll come across the best insights on how you can set up your very own entertainment room at home.

Make It Comfortable

What’s an entertainment room if it isn’t comfortable? Above anything else, comfort is key. That way, your entertainment room’s use can be maximized. Moreover, guests will love lounging in your entertainment room as well.

Making your entertainment room comfortable starts with good ventilation and insulation. Especially if your entertainment room is in the attic or the basement, temperature regulation is key. Be sure to install good heating or air conditioning system.

Next, consider the furniture. The size of your chosen sofas or couches should be proportionate to the room’s size and your family’s as well. You may also want to have a few chairs in storage, which you can bring out as extra seating for when you have more guests over.

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Together with your furniture, you also have to choose the right TV unit. Not only should it be comfortable, but it should have enough space to hold all the other video games and entertainment apparatus you’ll want to keep near your television. Consider RJ Living’s range of TV units and others to start your search for one.

Add A Bar

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Entertainment rooms aren’t just for the younger kids to enjoy. It can also serve a multi-purpose function of being that place for adults to have some fun. Whether you’re a family who loves to drink or not, you can never go wrong with adding a bar.

This can become the perfect entertainment spot where your guests can have a few drinks and appetizers while watching the latest basketball or football championship game, for instance.

Install A Good Speaker System

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One of the main activities done in an entertainment room is watching movies and playing video games. So, on top of having a widescreen for this purpose, it pays also to install a good speaker system. This is a necessary investment for that overall surround sound setup.

Because installing a good speaker system can be quite a technical and specialized job, you can’t go wrong with leaving this in the hands of the experts. That way, you can be certain that your speaker system is installed in the best way possible. Most importantly, you’re also installing the one that’s most suited for the setup you intend to have in your entertainment room.

Create Gaming Corner

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If you have enough space for it, you can also have a game or arcade corner. Think ping pong, air hockey, or a foosball table. You can even have arcade-like games like basketball hoops.

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If you don’t have the space for those bulky game setups, you can have a games corner with an ordinary table. This table can be used for dining, holding drinks, and even playing board games or drinking games.

Have Mood Lighting

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Mood lighting is important to have in an entertainment room. You want to have a lighting set up wherein the brightness can easily be adjusted. Having a fixed ceiling light with no brightness adjustments won’t be great as the light may interfere with the glare coming from the screen.

Having adjustable mood lighting can help create a better atmosphere in your entertainment room. If you want to have dim lights for a movie or video game night, that’s possible. If you want more bright lights for when you’re dining and hosting, it’s fine, too.


There are good reasons why families are scrambling to have entertainment rooms in their homes. No matter the age, at the end of the day, everyone just wants to relax and have fun. If you have the space for it, having your own entertainment room is a game-changer. If you’ve long been on the fence about how to get started in making this, the tips above are insightful. Take it one step at a time and soon enough, you’ll have the perfect entertainment room for your family to enjoy.