5 Kitchen Storage Hacks For Eclectic Culinarians

Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

No matter how big or small our homes are, kitchen storage seems to be something there never is enough of. If your kitchen countertops are looking a little too cluttered than you’d like and you’re searching for ingenious ways to maximise storage space, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our 5 expert kitchen storage hacks below for creating the most organised kitchen on the block!

The Kitchen Island is Your Best Friend

Before you think we’ve gone entirely crazy and are asking you to embark on a whole kitchen renovation, spare us a second to introduce you to the wonders of the mobile kitchen island. Mobile kitchen islands are a fantastic way to create lots of new storage space while looking incredibly fancy at the same time. This apartment owner’s answer to a regular kitchen island not only provides extra storage space, but also adds to the amount of overall counter space that you have, making it perfect for displaying items such as cookbooks, stand mixers, hand blenders and so much more!

Make Use Of Wall Space

Do you have a few walls around the kitchen that seem to serve no purpose? Well, now is the perfect time to make sure that you use every nook and cranny of your space to maximise storage options. Bare walls are the perfect canvas for installing floating shelves, hooks and racks that will be about to house your pots, pants, pantry items and more. One of the most popular ways of storing pots is with the help of a wall or ceiling mounted pot rack that offers not just an abundance of storage space, but also allows for quick and convenient access to cookware which is super helpful when you’re in a rush.

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De-Clutter The Pantry

If you’re anything like the majority of us, you probably have dozens of expired ingredients sitting in your pantry and taking up precious space. This is why we always recommend thoroughly clearing out the pantry of all expired ingredients and items. You can also donate anything that you simply don’t or won’t use, thus freeing up a ton of space for items that you do use. Once you have rid yourself of all unwanted items, take the time to neatly organise your pantry by category or type.

For example, you can create divided sections with the help of a pantry divider to keep baking goods on one side and cooking ingredients on the other. A great way to keep track of the items in your pantry is to store ingredients in clear pantry containers that give you a visual representation of what you have, thus greatly reducing the chances of you buying ingredients twice!

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Make Use Of Drawer Inserts

Do your drawers look like a complete mess? One of the most underused components of a kitchen has got to be your kitchen drawers. Without proper organisation, you effectively reduce your storage capacity by over 30%, which adds up when you consider how many drawers the average kitchen has. The simple solution to this is to invest in some inexpensive drawer inserts. You can find these at your local IKEA or kitchen supply store for cheap, or you could even make your own. Whatever option you choose, drawer inserts are an absolute lifesaver and will help you maximise drawer space like never before!

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Keep Rarely Used Appliances Somewhere Else

Remember that pasta machine, food dehydrator or ice cream maker that you bought a couple of years ago? Chances are they are sitting in a kitchen cabinet collecting dust and just waiting to be used once more. Now, we don’t expect you to just throw out all your rarely-used appliances, but what you can do is to store them elsewhere in spaces such as the garage or store room. This will free up a ton of cupboard space that you can then use for everyday appliances and cookware. Take a good look around your kitchen and try to think about how often you use each appliance…you may be surprised at how many are left on the back burner throughout the year!

When it comes to an effective kitchen organisation, we truly believe that it’s a matter of working smarter and not harder. We hope that these 5 expert tips have inspired you to incorporate at least one or two new storage hacks into your home kitchen space. All the best!