How to Increase Your Living Space Without Moving House

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You may have decided that you need more living space, but it can be expensive to move to a new house. There is the cost of buying as well as the associated taxes not to mention fees from a real estate agent. Have you thought about increasing the size of your existing house though? This can often be easier and cheaper than moving, and usually, a lot less hassle too. Here are some ways you can increase the size of your home.


You can build an extension to increase the size of your living room or even to add extra rooms to your home. This is a permanent brick-built structure and can be built to blend into your existing home. It is best to get the professionals in to carry out this work and make sure they are trained to deal with things such as mold and asbestos in your home, especially if your home was built pre 1980. Companies such as ZOTA Professional Training offer industry training in these things, so look for a certified contractor.

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Adding a sunroomcan make a fantastic addition to your home. You could use it as a second living room or even a dining room. Either way, it could be a great place to sit on a long summer evening. Sunrooms are usually made of glass or PVC making them a lot cheaper to build than brick extensions too.

Garage Conversion

If you don’t need to use your garage for storage,it can be utilized as additional living space. Garages make fantastic games rooms or even living rooms. This can be a great space to invite the guys over to watch the ball game. You could even add a bar and a widescreen TV. Converting your garage is quite a cheap and easy thing to do, as you already have the room in place. Therefore, you are not actually building a new room but simply changing the interior. If you enjoy DIY, you could carry out a lot of the work yourself, but it would be advisable to get a professional if you need to do any electrical work.

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Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great way of adding an extra bedroom to your home. Depending on the size of the loft, you could even add a couple of bedrooms or a bathroom too. This could increase your living space significantly. This will involve a lot of building work as you will probably need to have the roof lifted in order to give you the new head space you will need. You will also need to add an additional staircase. This may still work out a lot cheaper than moving to a new house though.

There are some great ways of increasing the size of your home without having to move. Getting yourself some more living space does not have to break the bank and these improvements could even add a lot of value to your home.