How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

That room that we spend most of our night sleeping in, filling with clothes and then refusing to clean it because it works for you, the bedroom is an important room in any home.

However, as spring is upon us and it is the perfect time to start our spring cleaning, you might be forgetting that the bedroom is one of those rooms that needs the most attention.

With clothes, a bed, make up, shoes and everything else all in that one room here are a few tips to get you started before you go ahead cleaning your bedroom:

Start With the Bed and Mattress

Many people forget to take time out of their cleaning routine to focus on the bed. You might wash and change your bed streets regularly but is that enough?

Booths Furniture Ltd suggest that whilst you are hoovering under your mattress and around your bed that you take the time to make sure it is still supporting your back when you sleep. Is the mattress sagging, can you feel the springs and is the bed outdated? This is a common problem in which beds have been kept for over 10 years and are starting to deteriorate. That is when you know it’s time to invest in a new one.

It’s time for you to improve your posture, get better support when you sleep and invest in a mattress that will last a lifetime like those from Tempur.

It is Time to De-Clutter

We all keep saying it, ‘we need to de-clutter’ but then we never seem to get round to it. Instead the clutter we were planning to organise gets thrown back into the cupboard or drawer and left for another day.

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This spring don’t ignore the clutter and instead make sure you spend time sifting through to see things which things you can donate to charity, which can be binned and which are too important to part with.

Start by organizing your clutter into three different piles and then go back over that pile one more time before you are ready to bin the rubbish pile so that you don’t end up keeping something you should be throwing out.

How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Take Time To Dust And Vacuum

Dusting and vacuuming your bedroom shouldn’t just take a couple of minutes here and there. It means pulling out all the furniture you can to get every possible speck of dust (well as close as you can anyway).

This will not only mean you have a very clean and tidy room but you have deep cleaned your space meaning you don’t have to keep finding extra pieces of dust because you haven’t cleaned it properly.

Spend the time dusting and vacuuming your room from top to bottom and then see just how great it looks.

Let in the Fresh Air

If you are the kind of person that loves to be warm, cosy and never tends to open the window then you room could be in need of some fresh air.

After hoovering, dusting and de-cluttering you should open the door and windows so that you can let some fresh air in. This will help your room to smell fresher and hopefully get rid of any air that had been circulating in there for a while.

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All you need now is the willpower to get up and get cleaning!