Matching Curtains to Your Decor – A Stylish Guide

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

It’s time to update your curtains. But perhaps you have been pushing this task from the table, putting it back another week and then another. Sure, the decision carries a lot of weight. This is why you need to priorities this refresh, and make sure your new collection match the home decor concept while you are at it. Rather than shying away from your curtain potential, take some hints from this stylish guide to ensure the right curtain is chosen.

Match your style

Like any fixture and design element in your home, there is a certain style guide that we create and subsequently abide by. Your curtains need to be held to the same account, so set about finding custom curtains that will play into your home style and overall look of your interiors. A custom curtain solution will give you the flexibility to blend styles and highlight certain features. In simple terms, a decadent curtain will not suit the minimalist home. Just as a simple design will not complement your majestic and classic style . The sooner you identify your home style, the sooner you can start maker smart and stylish choices.

Match your color

Color may not be the most important factor, but it still plays a part. This is where samples add value in the decision making process, allowing you to imagine what that curtain color will do to the surroundings in your home. Simply hold the curtain samples against the walls and windows in question, and watch how the light and decor features play off the color. As a rule of thumb, try and use a secondary color for your curtains. So if your primary color is white and your secondary colors are a beige or light blue, opt for the latter two. This provides a harmonious look and feel, and doesn’t give off the overall appearance that your primary color is cannibalising the whole home.

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Match your texture

Texture is an attribute that should be integrated in all home decor plans. It gives a space dimension, making it a cohesive environment that offers inspiration, relaxation and intrigue. This can be achieved through a cotton lounge with silk curtains, and a bamboo rug underfoot. Curtains are another way to give texture. All curtains are not made equal, so you do have some say over what texture you choose to install on your windows. Your options are timber, bamboo, cotton, polyester or silk – and you can even source a blend of more than one texture. This can also be an easy way to inject some character into a room that may be lacking.

Match your combination

There isn’t a rule that stipulates that you have to choose only one curtain solution to integrate throughout your whole home. Where is the fun in that? Perhaps your bedrooms have blackout eyelet curtains, and your living space has timber Venetian blinds. This isn’t uncommon. Each home is different, so make sure you tailor your options for your unique circumstances and resist the pressure of applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

There is a lot to take in, but you are on the right path here. The windows are a focal feature of any home, as they open up a space and invite the light and environment into your abode. It is understandable that your curtain selection is decided upon with great care and consideration, often with the guidance of an expert. Deciding upon style, color, texture and combination first will avoid you making a rash decision that won’t stand the test of time.

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