Here’s How to Incorporate Retro Style into Your Custom Metal Furniture at Home

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Retro style is known to be one of the prominent trends that boomed before the 2000s and it is clearly reflected in the way people dress, the interior designs of most buildings, the music being made, and many more. Today, the said trend is returning but with modifications due to innovations and combinations that were added to enhance the look or feel of the object or music.

With this, retro style is also reflected in the pieces of furniture at your home, and gathering inspiration in integrating the style is somewhat similar to choosing the clothes that depict your taste in fashion. However, this is where you include the changes or innovations that are applicable to enhance the appearance of your outfit or furniture.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

1. Selecting the specific era for your interior design

The retro-style requires researching the myriad of variations in each era to select the one that suits your preference. Are you more into the mid-20th century furniture style? Or are you leaning more on the 70s or 80s styles? Try comparing each design style according to each design aspect such as colors and patterns in order for you to make choosing a bit easier. Look for furniture samples for different eras and see whether customizing it to furniture manufactures can fit within your budget.

2. Pick furniture that compliments your home’s architectural style

Although selecting furniture doesn’t require any aspects considered aside from functionality, it is also advisable to include the overall look of the piece. Which design concept does it reflect? Does its design style mirror your interior design at home? Do consider what improvements or enhancements can be done to upgrade the look of your furniture. After all, we don’t want furniture pieces that look out of place when we look into the totality of the house interior.

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3. Find the best retro lighting style to the best concept in your home

One of the aspects to also consider when making some adjustments to the interior is the lighting style. Deciding what kind of lighting style will help highlight the best features of the house. Nowadays, there has been an influx of lighting elements that were introduced to the public that provide aesthetically-pleasing lighting effects. Different kinds of lamps were produced that create the sunset light effect or the LED lights which are multi-colored bulbs.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

4. Integrate the retro diner-style into your kitchen

When we think of the retro concept, we immediately think of those famous diner restaurants with red leather seats and round tables, often accompanied by a large table at the center where orders are served. How about incorporating such a theme into your kitchen? It is also depicted with checkered patterns and very vibrant colors. LED lights were a thing during those years, so why not incorporate such elements into your space as well.

5. Including retro-inspired ornaments into your home

Look into retro-themed movies or pictures and even listen to the melody of retro-inspired songs in order to help you bask in the feel of the concept. There are several samples on the Internet of the items that can contribute to the embodiment of the concept. The usual accessories are vibrant-colored rugs with unique patterns, sunset lamps, colorful leather couches, and plants. Your house cannot all be filled with furniture, it also should include some accessories to embellish the walls or place any beautifications to the furniture.

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Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

6. Revamping your old furniture by upgrading its look

If you do not opt to purchase your worn-out furniture, you have the option to not throw them away but instead restore and redecorate them. Also, feel free to incorporate your desired style on them to make them suitable to the type of interior design you have at your house. This way you have lessened the pressure of the difficulty in discarding the objects but instead, you chose to even give them a brand new look that even compliments the surroundings. It is also recommended that in the furniture upgrade, you should include more compartments to allow more things to be kept safe. This means your furniture should both be good-looking and functional at the same time.


One of the distinguished aspects of the retro style is the vibrant colors with unique-looking patterns or background that truly builds the concept. Looking back, there has been a huge difference in terms of the innovations created for custom metal furniture. Modifications and changes are beneficial because they improve and make your furniture attractive. The return of the retro style was sudden, however, some innovations were applied to give the said style a modernized look. The emergence of trends relating to pop culture has become the major reference when the retro style came back. Although it is not only observed in the field of interior design and furniture, but also in the current songs and fashion we have today.