Comfort Spaces: 5 Best Rules For Decorating Small-Spaced Flats

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

When it comes to decorating small spaced flats, it can be as challenging as a jigsaw puzzle. Small-spaced apartments would do no good for people who are claustrophobic, but don’t worry! There are numerous ways to maximize the space that could make your flat fit the aesthetic.

Whether it’s starting a new studio flat or wanting to have a minimalist decorated lifestyle, you don’t have to go through a difficult time trying to make fit furniture to give your apartment some personality without having to make it look chaotic.

However, the mess when decorating or finding the perfect design for a small-spaced flat is unavoidable. This article will serve as a guide with the five best rules for decorating flats with small spaces.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture

The best thing about flats with minimal spaces is the innovative and convenient pieces of furniture you can buy and use. Multi-functional furniture such as folding tables, convertible sofas that can also be a bed, and many more can come in handy in these spaces.

Moreover, the minimalist furniture trend became well-known for its versatility, multiple functions, and usefulness in maximizing a household’s space area. The market has many options you can choose from and many creative ways to work through furniture decorating.

Search up on Google or Pinterest for minimalist multi-functional furniture that can fit into your apartment. Moreover, home inspirations found on the internet may serve as a basis for what sort of furniture you’re looking for the next time you visit the local furniture shop near you.

Research on Smart Storage

One of the latest household space maximizing solutions created is hidden storage. Shoes scattered across the shoe rack? With hidden storage, you don’t have to worry about the mess because of how you can neatly keep your shoewear through a wall-mounted shoe rack.

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Make the most of your room’s space area; owning hidden storage can also be used to store clothes or heavy winter coats under your bed with a built-in cabinet or empty suitcase. For cleaning supplies, you can keep things hidden behind your closet doors.

Owning smart storage can also bring up an opportunity to start on simple DIY home projects. You can learn more about how to start your smart storage when you visit Cubitts. They are open to all folks living in Australia who hopes to create a room makeover for their flat.

Choose the Perfect Paint Color

You’ve probably heard from interior designers how rooms with dark colors can give a different and cool vibe. However, dark colors mostly turn rooms smaller instead of spacious. That’s why bright and warm colors are always the best option for turning a small-spaced flat wider in appearance.

Colors such as white, cream, light grey, or pastel colors that give a soft tone can create a warm and open room space. If you are interested in creating depth to your room’s space, you can always paint the back of your shelves or alcoves with a darker shade of paint.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Purchase Scale Down Furnitures

The most obvious way to maximize space in a small-spaced apartment is to purchase scaled-down pieces of furniture. So instead of buying a full-size sofa, you can go for a comfy love seat. Kitchen carts or side tables that can consume a huge amount of room space can be replaced with scaled-down counters, so guests do not have any trouble going around.

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Other pieces of furnishing that can contribute to creating openness to the room are glass accents and light-colored pieces. A small-spaced apartment can create relaxation and calming vibes to your room’s space.

There are a lot of furniture shops in Australia that have affordable options. So before you head to the nearest IKEA or department store, you can always search for items you plan to buy before heading to the shop. Reading through online catalogs and furniture inspirations can save you from the overwhelming hassle of not knowing what to buy in-store.

Keep your Flat Simple and Neat

When decorating a small-spaced apartment, one would say that fixing up the monthly clutter will always be a present thing. The best way to deal with room clutter is to declutter and get rid of the extra clothing, books, and trinkets every few months.

Moreover, most flat owners are fond of thrift shopping for trinkets that would make rooms have a cozy and homey feel. However, when buying excess thrifted decorated home goods, clutter is most likely to appear.


Whether living by yourself, with a partner, or with a family in a small apartment, maximizing the room area is always a priority. Never be afraid to give your flat a room makeover, purchase scaled-down furniture pieces or start a DIY project for smart storage to maximize the space in your flat. May this article serve as the perfect and best advice for thinking of how to decorate your small spaced apartment.