Guide to Choose a Trustworthy Roofing Specialist

Photo by Zohair Mirza on Unsplash

According to the BCC research, roofing replacements account for 94% of overall volume and 91% of total value in United States roofing projects. It is considered the essential aspect of the roofing sector, accounting for more than 90% of the market.

Between 2015 and 2020, the roofing industry of the United States has grown an average of 2.7% each year. Various new roofing industries are arising every day in the USA. Also, there are multiple roofers you can trust in Miami who offer exceptional roofing services.

Here are the tips for choosing trustworthy roofers in Miami.

Check for Licensed Roofers

You can quickly get a list of best roofers through Google but never go with the search result without analyzing. Any company with proper customization can get placed in Google search. But there are also a few other factors to be checked, such as a license.

Each contractor has various licenses, so it is important to consider the license category. You must choose a company with a certified permit that allows them to handle roofing projects. Make sure to check the expiry dates and issuing authorities of the license. You can hand over the roofing project to authorized roofers only by verifying the license.

Photo by Zohair Mirza on Unsplash

Analyze their Reputation

The reputation of a roofer can be verified by considering the brand quality. One efficient way to identify the reputation of the roofers is by reading the client reviews. Reviews from various trusted sources in Miami will help you get to a conclusion about the standard of the roofing service.

Consider the Experience

Always compare the experience factor among various roofing companies and prefer the one with high-level experience. The roofers may have expertise in multiple roofing such as retail property, schools, houses, and many others. So, it is essential to check the area of roofing experience. It is advisable to consider the experience as only a well-experienced roofer can meet the clients’ requirements and quality.

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Cost and Warranty

Each roofer may quote different prices. You can even ask the contractor for a written estimation for comparison purposes. Always choose an affordable price that fits your budget without sacrificing the quality. Go through the warranty papers and be very clear about it. You can even request a refund, replacement, or free repairs.

Photo by Zohair Mirza on Unsplash

Enquire About the Old Roof

In most cases, roofers prefer installing new roofs over old ones as it is an easy task. But it is generally considered a bad idea as this will increase the roof’s weight. So, if you want your old roof to be removed, check with the roofers if they can remove the old roof and then install the new one. Also clearly enquire what the extra charges for removal and disposal of the old roofs are.

Ask Questions

Most people have hundreds of doubts regarding roofing, but only very few ask questions. Never hesitate to ask when you have questions. Here are ten mandatory questions to ask before choosing:

  1. What kinds of roofs do you put on?
  2. Do you have a roofing license?
  3. Do you provide a complimentary on-site inspection?
  4. Could you please provide two or three references for me to check?
  5. Do you do roofing repairs?
  6. Does the manufacturer warranty cover your work?
  7. Will you provide me with a written estimate?
  8. Do you remove or dispose of old roofing materials?
  9. What is the price structure?
  10. Do you offer to finance?


Whenever you are in a position to look out for a roofing company, take enough time to analyze. Always choose roofers you can trust in Miami who offer you quality roof replacement or roof recovery. Never compromise yourself with any of the analyzing factors, and hand over the contract only if you have complete trust in the company.

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