Ways To Incorporate Your TV Into Your Interior Design

Ways To Incorporate Your TV Into Your Interior Design

Modern televisions are getting bigger than ever in their designs. This is great for TV-watching fans, but these larger screens can seem difficult to find a place for in your home. If you’re reorganizing your home this spring or you just got a new TV and have no idea where to place it, we’re here to help. Try these several different ways to incorporate your TV into your interior design.

Create an Entertainment Center

Creating an entertainment center or media wall is a great way to feature your television in any room. If your family loves movies, gaming, and more, entertainment and media centers are a great way to store movies, video game consoles, TV equipment, and more all in one place. An entertainment center can leave your space looking modern, organized, and tech-savvy, which is great for houses with a modern style.

Accent Above a Fireplace

Your television can make an excellent accent in a family room or bedroom. Make your TV its own art piece, especially if you have a sleek, modern model. If your home has a fireplace, decorate your fireplace mantel with your TV as the ultimate accent piece. This is usually a great height for your TV as well, especially in larger rooms. It can be difficult to decide how to style your fireplace mantel, but hanging your TV in that space can fill in a lot of room and accent your TV and fireplace in one.

Create a TV Storage Compartment

Instead of accenting your television, if you would rather keep it out of sight, there are several ways to hide it from view. Some homeowners will design or commission a special storage compartment for their television. Utilize other pieces of furniture, such as an armoire or cabinet, to tuck your TV inside. All you need to do is swing open the doors when you’re watching TV and close them again when you turn it off. You can also install sliders above your TV set with curtains or artwork attached to hide it that way.

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If you’re looking for creative ways to incorporate your TV into your interior design, try some of these methods. You’ll be able to maintain your sense of style and create a stylish space for watching television.