Fabulous Living Room Floor Ideas To Make A Statement

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Which flooring is the best for the living room? That’s a question almost all the people renovating their homes ask themselves. After all, everyone wants their living room to stand out as it is the space that makes the first impression on the visitors inside the home and sets the tone for the overall design of any home.

Not only does the living room flooring need to look inviting, it also needs to be durable as it attracts the most foot traffic. Wood, laminate, vinyl, and tiles are some of the most popular choices for living room flooring. They come in stunning designs.

Here are some outstanding flooring ideas for your living room and hallway that you must consider:

1. Tiles With Wooden Effect

Image from Crown Tiles

Wooden tiles look exactly like wooden floorboards and give the same natural and warm look. Wooden tiles can be used not just in the living room, but also the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and other spaces of the house. So if you want to create a seamless look throughout the house, start with installing wooden tiles in your living room.

2. Marble Floor Tiles

Iamge from Pinterest

Marble flooring is always known for giving a luxurious appeal to any space and is a preferred option for living room flooring. Nowadays, marble floor tiles have replaced natural marble stone, and they work perfectly. Marble floor tiles are cheaper options and give the same graceful look as natural stone. When clubbed with brass accessories, marble tiles can create a grand look. They can also be laid in other areas of the house to create a uniform look.

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3. Ceramic Flooring

Image from Porcelanosa

Crafted from clay, ceramic tiles are always preferred for flooring options when it comes to sturdiness. The patterns and shades in which they are available are rich and provide luxurious looks. They are light-weight, which makes them easy to install. It won’t be wrong to think that ceramic floors are pretty chic.

4. Concrete Floors

Image from PureWow

Concrete floors are durable and bring the element of modernity in your living room. They are becoming popular and when installed in open layouts, they look beautiful. Concrete floors can be a budget-friendly option and create a stunning effect. They come in different finishes.

5. The Vinyl Look

Image from The Home Depot

How can you forget about vinyl when looking for appropriate flooring ideas for the living room? The look of vinyl is unique. They possess the unique advantage of providing warmth underfoot. However, they may not be very durable and may not be as easily cleaned as tiles.

6. Limestone Flooring

Image from HM Flooring Library

Every piece of limestone is unique, be it in terms of pattern, design or shade. They are usually available in light cream, coffee colour and inky shades. Limestone’s inherent beauty can attract anyone. Their strength makes them an ideal fit for the living room. Limestone tiles replicate the look of the natural stone.

7. Neutral Floors

Image from The Spruce

While statement floors are becoming popular, neutral flooring designs last longer as statement flooring can go out of fashion sooner and force you to replace the flooring to make your house look contemporary. When revamping the flooring of the living room, one must keep in mind that it is going to be a long-term investment, so go for something that will last for several years in terms of durability as well as looks.

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You always have the option of making a statement through decoration pieces and furniture that can be replaced more easily. It is indeed an evergreen and safe choice to make.


Living rooms are the places where you entertain guests but also spend a lot of time with your family members, so ensure you choose the best. Base your choice on your needs such as the kind of surface you prefer underfoot, the amount of maintenance you are ready for and the budget. Make sure the flooring you choose is worth all the effort.