Homeowner Hacks: Painting Tips That Save You Time and Money

Homeowner Hacks: Painting Tips That Save You Time and Money

Residential painting is one of those home renovations that sits closer to the bottom of some homeowners’ lists. Between obtaining the necessary materials, consulting one another on preferred paint choices, and prepping your home, it can weigh on your mind and wallet.

The good news? You can consider this article your saving grace as you explore some painting tips that save you time and money.

Work From High to Low

Starting with the section directly in front of you isn’t wrong, but there’s an easier way to coat walls that minimizes mess. Consider starting from the highest point of the room and making your way down to catch drips. This method also helps reduce the amount of paint you use.

Prep Your Walls

Prepping your walls is vital if you want your efforts to last a long while. Some homeowners start layering colors on their interior walls without removing old, cracked paint. Unfortunately, paint jobs done this way don’t last since new layers will peel off and showcase a patchy finish and application.

Keep Brushes in Bags

When using the same color to paint walls and trim, place your brushes in bags instead of running to a designated wash station. Keeping your tools in bags keeps them ready for next-day use and saves time, water, and energy.

Use the Same Color in Multiple Rooms

Paint expenses can cost you, especially when painting each room a different color. Selecting one shade of paint that complements multiple spaces is a fantastic way to keep your home cohesive while cutting costs.

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Keep Leftover Paint

Leftover paint is a blessing with multiple uses in your home, from touch-up projects to crafting. Decant your colors into mason jars to preserve your materials until you need them.

Splurge on High-Quality Paint

While the primary purpose of these hacks is to help you save as much money as possible, grabbing the cheapest can of paint isn’t in your best interest. Low-quality paints tend to have minimum pigment, resulting in more color needed and more time dedicated to completing your renovation. So while those premium paints have an expense, you’ll be happy you chose them over those sketchy options.

DIY renovations are a chance to showcase your thriftiness and handy skills, but sometimes that time taken from your day isn’t worth it. So why not take these painting tips that save you time and money for a spin? You’ll get the job done and have time to sit back and appreciate your hard work afterward.