Does a Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance?

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Depending on several criteria, such as the region you live in, each type of roofing material has its pros and cons. You can read more here.

On the other hand, metal roofing stands out from the crowd due to its outstanding properties. One of these unique benefits of metal roofing is insurance reduction.

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Why Does a Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance?

Insurance companies may find it prohibitively expensive to cover roof repairs and replacements in the case of storm or fire damage. Your insurance may provide savings for a home improvement because metal roofing systems provide superior protection to other materials. Some homeowners who had a metal roof installed have experienced savings of up to 25% on their insurance premiums.

Coverage plans differ significantly based on the insurance provider with which you have a policy and even the area where you live. Contact your insurance carrier and inquire about their discounts to ensure you get insurance reductions for your metal roof.

It’s also crucial to remember that metal roofing differs in quality based on the workmanship of the contractor. A poor roofing system or installation will do little to improve your home’s protection and, as a result, will do little to lower your insurance premiums. Choose a metal roofing contractor with experience in metal roof installation who uses products from reputable suppliers.

What Determines the Quality of a Metal Roof?

A metal roof must be evaluated to be classified as a Class 4 impact-resistant roof. A roof isn’t inevitably a Class 4 roof just because it’s made of metal.

Most metal roofs will have a Class 4 impact resistance rating. Still, it’s crucial to double-check that the panels have been tested for UL 2218 (Standard For Impact Resistance Of Prepared Roof-covering Materials) before buying them.

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Check with each metal roofing provider to see if the materials are UL 2218 certified. If the testing has not been completed, your roof will not be a Class 4 roof.

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How Does an Insurance Roof Discount Work?

Roof damage results in high insurance claims and significant losses for your insurer.

As a result, insurers have begun to provide policy reductions for impact-resistant roofs with a class 4 rating.

Not all states require this discount. However, an increasing number of insurance companies have begun to offer discounts for impact-resistant roofs.

Discounts are determined by where you reside and the insurance company. If you live in an area of the country where hail storms are common, you’re more likely to get a discount on your insurance.

A hurricane or wind deductible is calculated as a percentage of the insured property’s value. Deductibles will be in the range of 1% to 5% of the insured value.

These deductibles can quickly pile up, and having a metal roof reduces the likelihood of paying a percentage of the roof’s replacement cost out of your pocket.


There are various aspects to consider when purchasing home insurance. The location of your home, its age, and the form and age of your roof are the most important considerations. A flat roof, for example, is one of the worst roof shapes when it comes to homeowners insurance. On the other hand, a metal roof may impact the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.