Affordable Design Hacks That Will Make Your Room Look Stunning

A hotel room |

Setting up and decorating a room can be challenging, especially if you want to create a cozy ambiance that is perfect for sleep. Wealthy families spend thousands of dollars just to turn their bedrooms into fantastic dreamland. They see to it that they buy the best furniture, gadgets and upholstery aiming to get the best sleep and rest experience every night.

A hotel room |

But you don’t have to buy the most expensive stuff just to make your room fit for nightly rest. An intelligent selection of bedroom items on a shoestring for one’s room can not only make it fit for sleep, but it can also please our eyes and our other senses.

Design hacks

Placing and installing these materials should not be as expensive as it should be. By using your keen and artistic eyes, you can turn the design hacks below in your bedroom as tools to make your room attractive to stay in and to sleep.

Bed with canopy |

Dress your bed with canopy

Installing bed canopies can not only make you feel regal, but it can also filter light and air to produce an atmosphere of lazy Sunday mornings. Bed canopies can also add a romantic touch, which makes sex, your second most essential bedroom activity, more fulfilling.

Room items |

Add nostalgia and memories in your room

Valuable personal things can make you more attuned to your senses and personal awareness, which we lose touch during work. The medals you and your family members received, the prized gifts that you got, and other simple memorabilia that evoke positive memories. These items can make you stay in your bedroom longer and more valuable.

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A pile of pillows |

Put on plenty of pillows

If you think pillows are just to support head on the bed, you will miss the benefits of sleeping on a pile of them. Aside from your most comfortable gel memory foam mattress, soft, cuddly pillows can make you feel that you are sleeping on the clouds. They can also bring back the child in you (Remember “pillow fights” and “pillow talks”?).

Room with soft lighting |

Use soft lighting

Lighting is a powerful mood setter, especially during sleep. Dim light coming from lamp shade or chandeliers can give this drowsy and romantic effect. You may also try healthy alternatives such as aromatherapy candles and Himalayan salt lamps.

Dark-colored room |

Paint your room with dark hues

Light colors can make your room appear large while darker tones make you feel confined, and therefore relaxing and cozy. Dark colors can also provide a powerful contrast to pillows and beddings, which are usually light-colored.

Potted Plants |

Bring potted plants in your room

Potted plants can bring the feel of inside your room. Some species can also provide sleep and health benefits. Lavender, for example, is a potent sleep and anxiety-relieving potion. Jasmine can also calm your senses while aloe vera can improve air quality.

Room with library |

Bring a part of your library in the bedroom

Reading a book is a favorite bedtime habit of many highly successful people, including Bill Gates and US President Barack Obama. Besides filling your mind with information, books can also improve the design of your room.

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