8 Best Basement Renovation Ideas On A Budget

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Looking forward to expanding the habitable space in your home? Renovating your basement can help you make extra room as per your requirement. In case you have an unfinished or under-utilized basement, you can add space to your property while sticking to a low budget.

You may also be interested in using your basement as your office. Alternatively, you can add an extra washroom adjacent to this chamber and use it as a guest room. Or your kids might love a dedicated space in your home where they can play and roam about.

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Ideas For Renovating Your Basement On A Budget

Have a look at these basement renovation ideas that won’t break your budget.

1.Transform Your Basement Floor

For a dramatic yet affordable upgrade, get an epoxy floor for your basement. Experts often advise getting a two-part epoxy finish, rather than going for conventional concrete paints. With epoxy, you would enjoy more liberty when it comes to choosing the styles and colours.

You have faux stone finishes, flecked overlays, as well as solid colours. In any case, keep the floor design simple. If you have a fascination for dark floors, paint the ceilings and walls in a lighter shade to balance the tint.

2. Install A Sliding Or Swinging Door

Unless your basement door is in excellent condition, you should consider replacing it. Make sure to get an elegant and quality product. A professional installation is highly recommended and you can get affordable doors starting from around $500.

A glass door would make your basement look bright and beautiful, with the sun rays streaming in. In many homes, it becomes difficult to increase the basement window sizes. Under these conditions, you can install a glass exterior door. This would couple up as a source of light which would leverage the overall glazing of your basement.

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3. Install Radiant Heat Panels For A Cozy Basement

Heat rises upwards which makes it difficult to maintain the warmth of your basement. There’s a high probability that when you designed your heating system, you missed out on the ductwork for the basement. As a result, the temperature here would be lower than the rest of the home.

However, installing radiant heat panels in your basement can make it a cozy space to spend your time. Instead of heating the ambient air, this system would directly channel the infrared heat to you.

This would give you a feeling that you are standing in the sunshine. Besides, heat panels can instantly give you a sense of warmth. Therefore, you need not wait for the entire basement to garner heat.

4. Get A French Drain To Combat Water Woes

In case you’ve been facing drainage issues in your basement, installing a French drain can mitigate your issues significantly. Besides, you need to address issues like moulds that silently get into the basement.

Once you start addressing moisture issues, you can eliminate moulds permanently. These drains serve as a gutter for groundwater. You need to install this drain outside the property’s perimeter.

Alternatively, you may get it installed inside the basement as well. In case you install it indoors, you would require a sump pump to eliminate the water.

5. Interior Staircase Guards Or Railings

To ensure secure and safe access to your basement, you may consider an interior staircase railing. Besides, an elegant design of the railings would add to the aesthetics.

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In case you want to save money on the installation process, a DIY installation might suffice. In this case, you would require a pole of adequate length, metal supports, and wooden screws. Opt for contrasting colours if you want to enhance the visual appeal of your basement.

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6. Consider Painting The Walls And Ceiling

A bit of paint can leverage the overall appearance of your basement. If you have your ducts, pipes, or beams exposed, paint these components with a solid colour. This would make the appearance much better.

If you have unfinished walls in your basement, acrylic or latex masonry paint can be a great option given its affordability. However, this would need a few additional coats, as concrete walls are more porous when compared to drywall.

Go for light colours if you want to make space look bigger. This would also brighten the interiors. Get bold accent walls and an attractive colour, which would contrast the white element in the rest of the space.

7. Go For Lighting Options

How about replacing your single bulb light with something interesting? If you love DIY lighting, get string bistro lights for your basement. You can suspend these lights on exposed beams, or hooks. This would ensure more consistent lighting in your basement.

Besides, try to install lights upwards, particularly in the lamps or wall sconces. This would ensure that the light would not simply hang above but bounce off after reflecting on the walls.

Before commencing with your basement renovation project, spend some time determining where you would install the lights. It is logical to study each fixture that you would be adding. In case you already have a light in place, think of something different or modify the plan. The end goal should be to avoid over or underwiring the place.

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8. Zone Up Your Basement

In case you want to use your basement for multiple purposes, you need to zone up the area. It is easy to segment the available space by installing curtains. You have several attractive and inexpensive options when it comes to the selection of colour and material.

In the process, you can segregate your basement into visually appealing sectors. With soft-textured curtains, you can easily warm up a sterile-looking basement in your home. You might also install sliding barn doors, screens, or room dividers for yielding the same effect.


If you’re thinking of viably extending your living space by utilizing your basement, you have several pocket-friendly concepts. You may try to integrate some of the ideas mentioned in this post. It pays to reach out to the professionals for valuable advice, considering their cost-saving tips you can count on. Even if you have fund constraints, renovating your basement into one of these habitable zones shouldn’t be as demanding as you think. Visit this page to get an estimate of how much you need to shell out while sprucing up your basement.