7 Things You Could Add to Your Loft When Converting It

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It can seem that there are almost as many different loft conversion ideas as there are lofts. However, as a loft conversion can potentially add as much as 25% to a home’s value as per research mentioned by Homes & Gardens, you have an interest in choosing between the various options. Here are details of just a few you might not have previously considered:

Raised Loft Boarding

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How can you give your loft smooth, practically usable flooring without inadvertently squashing its insulation and so rendering this ineffective?

Yes, you should board your loft – but you need special, raised loft boarding rather than standard boarding that wouldn’t take sufficient account of your loft insulation’s need to breathe.

Guest Bedroom

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Small lofts aren’t the most obvious candidates for conversion, but this doesn’t always mean that they can’t be effectively converted at all.

Some rooms just don’t need an awful lot of space – and one good example could be a guest bedroom, since you are probably unlikely to have more than one or two guests staying over in the house at a time.


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Of course, awkward dimensions and bulky beams can be common stumbling blocks when it comes to loft conversion attempts. However, the good news is that such bathroom essentials as bathtubs, sinks and toilets can be arranged to fit into obscure spaces.

For example, a freestanding bath can go beneath a low ceiling, while a shower can be accessed relatively easily when placed near the loft’s entrance.

Loft Ladder

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While on the subject of the loft’s entrance, you shouldn’t just leave people to have to drag a chair or stepladder to the landing whenever there’s a pressing need to get into this loft.

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After all, there would be the risk of someone falling off the chair or stepladder, such as if either tips over while in use. Hence, you should think about having a ladder permanently affixed to the loft.

Roof Window

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This would have the simple benefit of allowing a larger amount of sunlight to pour into the loft space, thereby helping your household to trim its electricity bills.

According to a general rule cited by Real Homes, glazing should comprise 20% of the roof area in order to help maximise the amount of natural light.

Second Living Room

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Imagine having a living room just as comfortable and luxurious as your existing one, except more private and without you needing to compete with your partner or kids for the TV remote.

Homebuilding & Renovating shows one enticing photo of a loft-based living room, with punchy artwork covering much of one wall and eye-catching pillows strewn across a sofa.

Dimmable LED lights

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When you want to illuminate your loft space in an especially tasteful way, it can pay to follow the LED-er (ahem). In areas of your loft where roof windows wouldn’t be viable, you could opt to install a series of dimmable LED lights instead. You could find such lights that would be small enough for you to cleverly conceal without curbing their effectiveness.