Tips to Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathrooms are some of the overlooked rooms in the house, with many often dull and dreary. The effect of a remodeled bathroom can transform your space into an exquisite room which makes the house interior beckoning.

However, where do you start?

When considering bathroom remodeling, it is best to check whether you might need a full or partial remodel. A full remodel entails stripping everything down from the walls and floor to create an entirely different look and style. This option transforms the room into a completely different outlook and can be deemed costly.

A partial remodel seeks to change specific aspects of the bathroom while incorporating new ideas without otherwise completely removing everything. This option enables you to change distinct items and positioning without having to spend the cost for a full remodel.

Regardless of these, a bathroom remodel should seek to transform your space by updating your style and increasing functionality and value.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Where to begin

Create a mood board

Identifying a perfect mood board will help you come up with possible designs and styles for what you want. Will your new bathroom have rustic vibes or classic modern tones? All these will be determined by your mood board which should consist of even the minute details. For instance, highlighting the expected changes and recommendations in furniture, fittings, and color will go a long way in helping you curate the perfect outlook.

Create a budget

Bathroom remodeling can be quite costly. Planning without a budget can make the trips to the bank a dreaded affair. The labor costs and cost of materials can greatly influence the result, therefore, it is important to carefully identify what you would like to change and invest in. Therefore, it is best to identify the building and renovation costs early on to prevent undue disappointment. When creating a budget, it is best to consider certain aspects that will help you make a more informed decision. For instance, identifying the resale value of the house will enable you to be able to identify which items will be essential to add or subtract from the bathroom.

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Identify the bathroom type

With the different types of bathrooms available, it is essential to identify the one you would like and stick with it. For instance, a standard bathroom is ideal for a larger space since it comprises of shower and bath, toilet, and a sink. This can be spruced by umping the shower into a luxurious steam shower and incorporating a Jacuzzi for the ultimate bath experience. Adding a half bath into one of the house corners can also decrease the ever-present bathroom queues. For a more sophisticated and decluttered look, adding a wet bath can transform your house to eclectic tastes.

Identify the layout

Coming up with an appropriate layout is key in bringing your bathroom to remodel ideas to life. The layout of the bathroom hugely depends on the size and shape of the bathroom. When in doubt, an experienced contractor or designer can help you identify the best possible layout for your bathroom.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Latest trends and designs 2021

With the recent modern bathroom designs and styles, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the many incoming trends and concepts. Below are a few must-haves in bathroom remodeling for 2021:

Hidden tank toilet

The ongoing trend of toilets with hidden tanks is still set to continue in 2021. The hidden tanks create a minimalistic view and save a lot of unnecessary space. This concept also boasts modern contemporary designs that will transform your bathroom into a masterpiece.

No bathtub, no problem

Does your current bathroom have a bathtub that you rarely use? It might be time to get rid of the whole bath. Contrary to earlier beliefs, a bathroom can be complete without necessarily having a bath. If you rarely use your bath, consider installing a large steamy shower instead of the monotony of an unused bathtub.

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Shower window

Installing a window in the shower will go a long way in preventing mildew and create aeration in the bathroom. A window creates aesthetic value and adds character to the bathroom due to the presence of natural light. You can choose to frost it and install sloping window sills to get rid of excess water.


Playing with the lighting fixtures in the bathroom will help set the mood and tone. It is advisable to consider bright and additional lighting around the vanity section, to enable visibility when using the mirror. Incorporating light fixtures in the showers will also brighten up the shower experience.

Textured tiles

The use of textured tiles is coming back with a bang. Incorporating textured handmade tiles can add character and style to an otherwise plain tiled bathroom. These textured tiles are also protected as they prevent unnecessary slipping. The ease of cleaning also prevents mold and grime from sticking on them. You can check out available catalogs for tile ideas for the bathroom.

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Finding the right contractors

When remodeling it is best to ensure that the contractor is on the same page. An initial assessment of the bathroom before the contractor begins with renovation plans will save you from all of the headaches.

Professional and certified contractors will ensure a site visit days before the job. This visit will seek to gauge the position of the client, their wants and needs, and possible considerations that they would like. It is therefore advisable to have a list of everything that you would want from fittings, furniture, color scheme, and general mood and feel of the bathroom. This enables the contractor to work with what is on the table and offer possible recommendations if need be.

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With an additional budget, don’t shy away from adding some luxury into the bathroom. For instance, heated floor or statement mounted features will transform a dull place into a luxurious one.

Finding an experienced contractor will help you transform the bathroom into ways never thought imaginable. For instance, the half bath may be manipulated into a full bath by eliminating the storage space to create additional space.

It is essential to research the contractor of choice before employing them. Asking around for referrals, and checking the online reviews will point you in the right direction.