5 Ways To Repurpose An Old Fridge

A lot of homeowners do their best to manage and dispose their waste properly. Whenever possible, some families even practice recycling papers, cardboards, cans, plastics, bottles, and the like and turn them into something useful.

When some people can’t find other uses for their old items, they tend to send their trash to the nearest landfills. While the default decision to leave your old appliances there, this can be dangerous as these can leak toxic chemicals into the soil and water streams. Immediately resorting to putting bulky appliances such as refrigerators in dump sites is also unsustainable in the long haul.

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Practical Solutions And Ideas For Your Old Fridge

Thankfully, you don’t need to throw out your old fridge, as you can repurpose this in several ways, depending on what you like. To feed you with inspiration, here are new and exciting ways to transform and repurpose your old fridge:

1. Send It To The Recycling Center

Unless you’re a technician, one convenient and surefire way to repurpose your old, faulty fridge is to carry it to the nearest recycling shop.

Most fridges and freezers have special components and oils that need to be carefully removed before they go through the different phases of the recycling process. Making sure that these are correctly disposed by professionals helps minimize health risks and pollutants. This can also make it easier for the recycling business to repurpose your fridge.

If your area doesn’t have a recycling center or you don’t have the luxury of time to drive and drop your unused fridge there, you can tap rubbish removal services in your neighborhood to collect your broken fridge. These businesses offer one-time removal packages that allow you to quickly get rid of your appliance for good. To educate yourself further, read more on how the process goes and ask your friends who’ve tried this service before.

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2. Use It As A Kitchen Cabinet

Instead of putting away your fridge in the basement, you can repurpose and turn it into a unique kitchen cabinet. You can use this to display your cook books, decorative pieces, figurines, wine glasses, and plate collectibles. It’s definitely a creative way to store and appreciate all your personal goodies in one area.

If you prefer to have an open cabinet, remove the door of your nonfunctional fridge. This way, you can quickly grab your utensils and kitchen devices in one go. This is practical, especially if you cook regularly in the house.

However, if you aren’t always at home and you plan to keep snacks, condiments, and pantry essentials in there, keep the fridge door. You don’t want to attract unwanted pests in your home.

3. Redeem The Fridge Racks

If your fridge is too old to be displayed, you can look at its compartments and see which ones you can safely repurpose. Among the fridge interiors, the rack or grill can easily be transformed into something practical.

For instance, you can use this as an accessory holder in your room. You can hang your dangling earrings, headbands, scarves, and the like.

Alternatively, you can use it as an aesthetic interior decor to display your framed photos, artworks, and paintings. The rack can serve as a unique background for your prints and pieces.

4. Turn It Into A Bookcase

If you’re fond of collecting and reading books, you most probably have bookshelves at home. However, if you’ve run out of place to store and organize your reads, you can try using your old fridge as a temporary bookcase.

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Before you store your books, documents, and other trinkets, make sure to thoroughly clean your fridge. Also, make sure that this old appliance is safe to repurpose to avoid health hazards.

To jazz up the look of your new bookcase, you can repaint it into a color that suits your space’s color palette. This will give it a unified appearance that instantly matches the rest of your interior decor and design.

5. Create An Outdoor Table

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Alternatively, you can strip off your fridge door and repurpose it into a table for your backyard. If you have a garden, you can paint the fridge a contrasting hue to add a bold look over your greenery. Your fridge table can serve as the focal point of your space.

If you have a quirky, eclectic theme, keep the prime color of your fridge and use aesthetic vinyl stickers and artsy pieces to personalize it. This way, you can still give it a whole new look without losing its original appeal. This can also be a more suitable option, especially if you have a glossy or matte fridge door.


There are several creative and sustainable ways to breathe life into your old fridge. With these ideas, you can now repurpose your old fridge to serve you for many years to come.