5 Ways To Keep Your Home Organized During A Renovation Project

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

A home renovation project can both be an exciting and overwhelming time for the homeowners. It’s exciting because you’re about to revamp your home with new features and layouts that could elevate your property value. On the other hand, it can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful because most renovation projects last for a few weeks to a couple of months. Furthermore, your house will be in its messiest state.

Staying organized during the renovation project is important. The more organized your home is during the renovation, the less stressful it’ll be for you, and it’ll be easier for the contractors to work with and keep the project within the timeline. You might be wondering how you can stay organized despite having a major project going on in your house.

Here are five ways you can keep your home organized during a renovation project.

1. Set Up Living Arrangements

Having an ongoing renovation in your house can disrupt your daily routine and lifestyle, especially if the renovation involves remodeling multiple rooms or the entire house itself. It might be best if you choose to leave your home for a short while. Before doing so, try to access some things first by asking yourself questions like:

  • Do you have a clear pathway to your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom?
  • Will the noise affect your day-to-day routine?
  • Will the renovation potentially damage your furniture?
  • Are you, your kids, or your pets allergic to renovation dust and dirt?

If you consider staying out for a while, you can ask your nearby friends or family to accommodate you temporarily. If you don’t know anyone around the area, you can book an affordable hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation until most of the renovation is over. It’s also essential to invest in portable storage pods to store your furniture and other valuable items.

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These storage pods will keep your items locked and secured from potential damage caused by the renovation. The fewer items left in the house, the easier it’ll be for you and the contractors to move from room to room during the renovation; plus, the house will look much neater and organized.

2. Hire A Professional Renovation Contractor

Some homeowners choose to do the renovation themselves to save money. Unfortunately, doing so won’t only risk the quality and attractiveness of your renovation, but the project will also be messier and more disorganized. As much as possible, hire a professional renovation contractor to work for your home’s renovation. These professionals have the expertise and proper credentials to pull off even the most massive renovation project.

They’re also equipped with the right tools and materials, assuring that they can produce high-quality work for your home. They’re also experienced, which means they already know how to stay organized during the ongoing construction and remodeling. With a professional team of contractors, they can take responsibility if damages are incurred during the construction.

3. Declutter During The Clear Out

Generally, before the renovation starts, the contractors would require you to clear out your items to ensure nothing will disrupt them during the process. While you’re in the process of removing your furniture and clearing out the area, you can also utilize this time to declutter and do some organizing.

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See if you can find items or furniture pieces that are already old, damaged, or stained. You can collect them together and have them picked up by the rubbish removers. You may also opt to donate or give them away if they’re still reusable and in good condition. Aside from old items, see if you can find duplicate items and get rid of some of them to minimize clutter. Decluttering won’t only keep the area organized, but also lessen the things which you need to reorganize once the whole renovation project is over.

4. Protect Everything From Dust And Dirt

The renovation process will be long and messy. You can expect that plenty of dust and dirt will dominate your walls and floors. Instead of stressing yourself from keeping the dust off, you can protect your things and be prepared for them. For instance, take down your curtains and blinds and move them to a safer place away from the ongoing renovation. If you have carpets or rugs, roll them up and tuck them away, or you can cover them using a dust cover. Do the same for the other areas such as switches, fixtures, etc. Once the project is done, it’ll be easier for you to clean off the dust by simply taking off the dust cover.

5. Keep Up With The Mess

If you’re not part of doing the renovation project, the best thing you can do is keep up with the mess. This doesn’t mean you need to clean, vacuum, and dust every day. It only means you might need to keep up with the mess every chance you get.

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For instance, instead of leaving the renovation plans, blueprints, and swatches all over the floor, keep them organized in one table or folder where the renovation contractors can easily locate them. For the bills, emails, invoices, contractor information, and receipts, put them in one binder as they can come in handy in case you’re qualified for a home remodel tax deduction. Having one area for all these important documents will keep your home organized.


Keeping your home organized during the renovation will surely take off half the stress. So, take note of these tips and stay organized to ensure everything goes according to plan.