Guide: How to Declutter Your Home with Ease

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Everyone has unwanted clutter. Whether it be too many clothes, too many things bought at a flea market or a bunch of impulsive buys that you never really needed. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to your clutter, or to even know where to begin when it comes to throwing it out.

It’s a stressful thing, to declutter your home. The clutter may be a sign of stress or may be causing you stress. Either way, it’s never a pleasant experience. This is where our guide comes in to practise.

This article will talk you through decluttering your house and help you with deciding what to chuck.

Declutter Your Home

One step at a time

It can feel overwhelming at first to declutter a whole house or apartment. You may want to do your whole living space in one day, but the key to doing it properly and making sure you’re happy with your decluttering decisions, is to go one step at a time. This might mean one room a day, perhaps one room every weekend. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’s the actual decluttering that counts.

One room a day will mean that you are giving it the thorough care it needs. You will remain clear minded and make the right decisions for your new, decluttered life.

It will also make it easier, less stressful and not put you off ever doing a declutter again. The key here is to keep on top of your junk.

You could even get weebblejunk to help you out. They make the whole process much easier, helping you rid of your junk the right way.

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The key to a declutter is organisation. This may seem like a nightmare to a serious clutter collector, but it’s the best way to get through your beloved junk with ease. Going in with no plan and several bin bags isn’t ideal for a positive declutter experience.

First, dedicate certain time slots and days to each room. That way, you have a goal and you won’t be there all day, drowning in your junk on the floor. LIke discussed above, it may be one day per room, or perhaps one hour dedicated to each space. Either way, making a rota will help you follow through with your declutter dreams.

Box System

Separating your junk into boxes is also a great way to organise yourself and a great system to follow. Having a system in place will make your experience thorough and give you something to aim towards, rather than going in with no plans and giving up in the first hour.

A box for charity shops, a box for rubbish and a box for recycling. This way, you know you’re doing good too, and not just throwing your rubbish in the bin. Give your declutter your home a whole new life.

The organisation also takes away the stress of a clear out. It helps relieve any anxieties and will make you feel like a whole new person after your deep clean.

This is where a junk removal service can help out some more too, as they know how to dispose of your items properly.

Declutter Your Home

What should I throw out?

Now you have your system in place, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty: deciding what goes and what stays. There is always the self doubt and the strange bond you may have with your junk that could make it hard to part ways.

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There are a few things you should ask yourself when deciding what goes and what stays. For example, when was the last time you used said junk? If it was over a year ago, the answer is to get rid.

If you haven’t used it or you haven’t needed the item in a whole 12 months, there’s a high chance you could give it a new life with someone else. Someone who might need it.

That’s another thing you should ask yourself. Does this object or item of clothing deserve a new life? Are you not giving it the love it deserves? If you think someone else would benefit from your junk, more than you have, chuck it in the charity box. You’ll feel better and have less clutter. A win win.

If you don’t have the answer straight away or you’re not sure if you have used it within a year. Put it to the test.

When it comes to clothes, you can come up with a rota. Clothes that you do wear, come to the front of the rail, whereas clothes you haven’t worn go to the back. In a year’s time, when you decide to do another declutter your home, you may find more clothes that you haven’t worn and probably don’t plan to ever again. Time to get rid.

And it goes for the same with other products. If you aren’t sure, leave them for a year, and then make a new decision.

Each time you come back to do another declutter, you will see the pile get smaller and smaller as you realise, the things you were keeping “just in case” weren’t ever really necessary at all.

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Sleep on it

You might be worried that you have made some rash decisions. Will that jumper actually come in handy one day?The best thing to do, like every situation, is to sleep on it. Go back to it in the morning and see if you’re still sure you want to part ways.

If you do, great, chuck in the charity box. If you’re sad to see it go, pop it in the wardrobe and come back to it a year later.

Stick to it

The best way to stop clutter taking over your life, is to have an annual clear out. Not only do they keep your living space clean, they also keep your mind clear. A declutter your home does wonders for the mind and having one every year will keep you on top of it all. Never again will your house or your life, be taken over by your junk again!