10 Living Room Makeover Ideas

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Your living room is one of the busiest rooms in a home, and it needs to be highly functional and fashionable. Giving this room a makeover is one of the most practical ways to give it a visual appeal that suits its purpose. Here are 10 living room makeover ideas.

Give your walls character with customized wainscoting

A simple yet elegant way to add some character to your walls is through wainscoting wall paneling. This is a centuries-old room decoration style that involves strategically placing wooden panels as a wall covering. It is an excellent way to give your living room a chic design feature since it adds depth and texture to your flat internal walls.

You will further love the ease in using wainscoting wall paneling to attain harmony with your living room shakers and shaker-style internal doors. The best part is that these decorative wall panels naturally blend into both traditional and complementary styles.

Invest in a centerpiece

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You do not have to make too many changes to your living room for it to have a distinctive appeal when you could choose to invest in a stunning centerpiece instead. The power of a unique furniture or décor piece that draws everything to it is, in many instances, more than enough to give your room a new touch.

Take time to carefully consider the living room centerpiece to invest in, since you want an item that switches up your living room without looking out of place. For example, you could opt to replace that old coffee table with a large ottoman and throw in complementary poufs for an exciting switch up.

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Go bold with a statement light

Say goodbye to a boring living room by replacing those outdated light fixtures with a statement light. You could choose to install wall lights, cheerful hanging lights, or settle for floor lamps. A rule to abide by is to avoid making the room look like an over-lit theatre. Instead, choose one or two lighting fixtures and have them strategically placed to create relaxing pools of lights. When installing lights in your home, 14 gauge copper wire is recommended since it ensures a secure electrical connection.

Introduce the right bursts of color

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Nothing says glamour better than a living room with the right pop of color. Go for a cheerful look by introducing dramatic bursts of color on your walls and furniture pieces. This will instantly make your living room a delightful and bright space with a distinctive vibrancy that will amaze all your guests.

To avoid having a wild and out-of-touch mix of colors in your living room, check out how well different color palettes match before trying them out. A better solution is to use your existing furniture as the foundation for finding matching color tones for your walls.

Play with patterns

An alternative to only thinking about blocks of colors is to play with patterns. This unconventional makeover tactic will give your living room a distinctive upgrade as its beauty lies in the details.

An efficient way to try this out is to settle on different designs and colors of sofas to give your living room a new vibe. You could also opt for a large patterned carpet and complement it with cushions of different colors and patterns for a fun upgrade.

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Get creative with art pieces

Breathe life into dull walls by adding art pieces to your living room. This is an old trick in the book guaranteed to spice up your living space while showcasing your favorite artwork. Alternatively, you could choose to create a gallery wall to give that odd-looking wall some personality.

Play with the mirror magic

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The magic of mirrors is hinged on creating the illusion that a room is larger and brighter than it really is. Pick a big enough mirror to fit on a strategic spot and let it transform that unused space into an attractive spot that gives a feeling of space. Strive to settle for a mirror with an outstanding design, so it doubles up as a unique statement piece on your wall.

Think of a new sofa shape or design

A quick way to give your living room a new feel is by updating your old sofas or upgrading to a better design. If you have a small living room, you could trade those huge recliner seats for a more convenient L-shaped seat to have more room. A smarter decision would be to go for a sofa design that suits the new theme you want for your living room.

Bring in some greenery

Bring the outdoors in and make your living room more alive. If you are limited in space, play about with small potted plants strategically placed at different heights. On the other hand, if you have more room, you could go for a large plant to take a strategic position near a wall or unused corner.

Layer up rugs

Rugs always have a way of completing a living room, and they must never be ignored when thinking about upgrading your space. Step out of your comfort zone and get rugs of different styles, fabrics, and patterns to make the room more interesting. However, if you already have too much color oozing in the room, you should stick to neutral rugs.

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Your living room needs to be full of life and cozy enough for multiple users. Try out these fabulous makeover ideas to make this important room more stylish and comfortable.