20 Inspirational Garden Lighting Ideas

garden lighting

The garden lights play an important role in the overall beautification of your garden. If your lighting is poor, your garden will look dull at night, even if you have the most beautiful and well manicured garden in the planet. So here are the top 20 inspirational garden lighting ideas that can help to enhance the beauty of your garden at night.

1. Glow in the Dark Planters

This glow in the dark planters is sure to give your garden a magical glow. You can find these planters in various hardware stores near you. You can also choose to create one. All you need is a glow in the dark paint and plastic planters. Simply spray the paint on the planters, and that’s it!

garden lighting ideas

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2. Glowing Outdoor Orbs

If you want a lighting that is something unique, these glowing outdoor orbs are sure to catch the attention of your visiting guests. You can find these innovative lights being sold in the hardware stores and home improvement stores. If you want to save money, refer online for the steps on how to create your own glowing outdoor orbs.

Garden Lighting

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3. Hanging Jar Lanterns

Another DIY lighting that is sure to prettify your garden is these hanging jar lanterns. They are so easy to make. All you need are six empty mason jars. Fill them with small stones or shells and place a candle inside. Cover the bottles and attach a chain so you can hang them on the trees in your garden or in any area you want to.

Outdoor Lighting

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4. Hanging Paper Lanterns

These hanging paper lanterns look magical at night, but these garden lights are only for temporary decorative purposes. So if you are hosting an event in your garden and you want to delight your guests, then hang some of these lighted lanterns on the trees. Just make sure that the weather is fine and that you are certain that it’s not going to rain.

Garden Lighting

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5. Hula Hoop Outdoor Chandelier

If you have a Hula Hoop that you no longer use, why don’t you convert it to a beautiful chandelier such as the one shown above? This DIY chandelier is so easy to make. Simply dangle some Christmas lights all over it and then hang it right in the middle of your garden. Turn the Christmas lights on and voila!

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Outdoor Lighting

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6. Illuminated Garden Bench

If you have a bench in your garden and you want to highlight it at night, then why don’t you attach some lights to it and make it glitter at night. But if you have some money to splurge, then why don’t you invest in one of those illuminated garden benches that are being sold in some home improvement stores? They are certainly a great investment since they help to enhance the overall look of your home.

Garden Lighting

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7. Jars filled with Flowers

These colorful jars filled with flowers will make a great centerpiece for your garden table. It can also help to illuminate your garden at night and what’s great is that these are so easy to make. Grab some of those unused jars in your kitchen and paint it with some butterflies, flowers, or whatever you like. Then place a tea light candle in the middle and you now have a lovely garden lighting without spending a lot.

garden lighting

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8. Lighted Cherry Trees

Even if you do not have any trees in your garden, you can actually purchase those plastic lighted cherry trees that could help to illuminate your garden and bring it to a glow. There are lots of these trees that are being sold online so you may want to check them out.

garden lighting

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9. Lighted Garden Waterfall

If you have a waterfall in your garden, then give it some light. That way, your garden will look even prettier even in the midst of darkness. But you will need to hire a landscape artist for this. Make sure that you hire the best landscape artist though, someone that can achieve the kind of lighting that you want for your waterfall.

Lighted Garden Waterfall

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10. Egg Shaped Outdoor Solar Lighting

This is another unique lighting for your garden that will surely grab the attention of anyone visiting your home. These egg shaped outdoor lighting is truly a sight to behold and can certainly help to illuminate your garden beautifully.

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outdoor lighting

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11. Lighted Shrubs

If you have shrubs in your garden, then add some lights to it. You can make use of old Christmas lights, or perhaps a series of lights with rounded bulbs which you can easily purchase from any hardware stores.

outdoor lighting

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12. Lighted Wall Plants

Those plants hanging on the walls in your garden will look even more attractive at night if you add some lights on them. You can also add some ornamentation on them, such as butterflies and plastic flowers, similar to the image below.

garden lighting

Image Credit: Shelterness

13. Moorish Lamps

If you want a Moroccan themed garden, these Moorish lamps would be the perfect lighting to install. The lamps can be bought online or at any home improvement store. You can install them on the sides of your garden in order to provide adequate illumination. You can also use the lamps as centerpiece for your garden table, allowing you to entertain guests in your garden even at night.

outdoor lighting

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14. Paper bag Lanterns on the Pathway

Instead of using the traditional lights in lighting your garden pathway, consider using these paper bag lanterns. But just like with the hanging lanterns, these lights are only for decorative purposes and you can only use it during special occasions at home. Nevertheless, the lights look fantastic and are definitely a great way to illuminate your garden.

garden lighting

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15. Recycled Outdoor Chandeliers

You do not need to spend a lot of money to install a beautiful chandelier in your garden for you can definitely create one with the use of recycled materials. You will find instructions all over the Internet on how you can create one with the use of some jars, candles, etc. This DIY outdoor lighting can certainly help to enhance the look of your garden without you having to spend a lot of money.

outdoor lighting

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16. Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

Another DIY garden lighting that makes use of recycled materials is this wine bottle torch. It looks truly unique and you can install them on your trees, on the walls or any area in your garden that you want to be illuminated. So instead of throwing those empty wine bottles away, why don’t you put it to good use?

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garden lighting

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17. Tea Lights in the Pond

If you have a pond in your garden, then make it glow at night by placing some beautiful tea lights in it. This is perfect if you are hosting some guests in your garden at night. Aside from providing your garden with adequate lighting, the tea lights help your pond to glow, which makes your garden look even more beautiful.

Outdoor Lighting

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18. Tiki Torches in the Garden

You must have noticed those Tiki torches in some of the most popular beach resorts. These torches are being lighted at night and are placed outdoors to give light to guests dining or simply hanging out outdoors. You can actually follow this idea for your garden. Torch them on your potted plants like the one shown below or scatter them all over your garden.

Garden Lighting Ideas

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19. Tin Can Lanterns

Another garden lighting idea that is made from recycled materials is these tin can lanterns. The lanterns are easy to make. Simply gather some of those empty cans in your kitchen and then paint them with your desired color and place candles inside. Place them in your garden at night and it will beautifully illuminate your home.

Tin Can Lanterns

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20. Torch Lamps by the Poolside

Aside from installing them on the poolside, these torch lamps will look great in your garden as well. You can easily buy these outdoor lamps at any hardware store. You can scatter them all over your garden or place a couple of them in the middle.

Torch Lamps by the Poolside

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So as you can see, you do not really need to spend a lot for the lighting of your garden. If you follow these garden lighting ideas for your home, you’ll certainly be able to transform your garden into a magical nightscape, something that will enhance the overall beauty of your home at night.

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