15 Awesome Bedroom Vanity Design Ideas

Classic bedroom vanity ideas

A woman’s bedroom or a boudoir must look dazzling since it is a private chamber where she relaxes and dresses up. Bedroom vanities are equally important to consider when thinking of decking up your bedrooms. A vanity area (space to dress up and groom) is supposed to look glamorous for you to feel the same. As such, we have come up with a list containing the top 15 bedroom vanity design ideas that are awesome in looks and would suit any type of decor.

1. Closet vanities for bedroom

If you like your privacy when dressing up for a party or otherwise, you can get a bedroom vanity set that is located inside a closet of your sleeping chamber. The bedroom vanity seen in the image not just offers you some very private moments but is also very stylish in looks. It is a spacious area which is adorned with a white themed dresser, a silver stand oval mirror and a beautiful white stool for seating. The two open pillared shaped cabinets can be used for storing your cosmetics.

Closet vanities for bedroom

Image credit: indulgy

2. Bedroom vanity with black vanity dresser and oval mirror

The color black suits the decor of any room, and when thinking of designing the vanity section of your boudoir, one can team the look with dark wooden dressing table accompanied with an astonishing looking oval mirror. In the image is a beautifully designed dressing table in solid black wood that seems to appear stylish with an equally elegant oval mirror. The dresser’s look gets a uniform appearance with a rectangular stool with beige upholstery.

Bedroom Vanity Ideas

Image credit: groovexi

3. Ornate vintage vanities for bedroom

The dressing table set in ivory looks every bit a ‘diva’s’ vanity where only fashion can see eye to eye in the oval mirrors! The dressing table set is stunning with ‘LOVE’ letter blocks installed just below the mirrors that are framed with soft frills. Most designers of bedroom vanities for women will agree that the piece is a rare find and must be grabbed if found anywhere!

Bedroom Vanity Ideas

Image credit: vandoak

4. Perfect black bedroom vanity table and stool design idea

The look of the bedroom vanity set shown here is simple yet very elegant in style. The dressing table is made of polished dark wood that lends it a unique sheen. The table is fixed with a square shaped mirror, also in dark wood that has no frills lining up its borders but manages to look chic. There are two drawers for storing things while many designer items can be placed on the surface of the table for enhancing its appeal. The dressing table comes equipped with a dark stool upholstered with white fabric.

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Bedroom Vanity Ideas

Image credit: homedit

5. Gorgeous bedroom vanity with glass design and leopard chair

Designers have reinvented bedroom vanity ideas from time to time and have always managed to add innovative changes to how your vanity should look. Seen below is a gorgeous dressing table set that is topped with a glass surface and is made of white wood. The leopard chair accompanying the table enhances its charm. On the white painted walls is fixed a curvaceous mirror that lends style to the bedroom.

Bedroom Vanity Ideas

Image credit: donghae

6. Gorgeous Titanium bedroom vanity ideas

The below shown bedroom vanity piece is styled on “Hollywood Regency” inspired theme and looks every bit of a dazzler! The vanity set is built of titanium and radiates a distinct glow and shimmer. The striking patterns on the borders of both the dresser as well as the small stool look impressive and have a personality of their own. The bedroom vanity looks a classic blend of modern and traditional styles. The carved legs of the vanity table and stool add a certain degree of glamor and the contrast between the dark and light tones make for a bold look.

Bedroom Vanities

Image credit: blacklion

7. Fancy bedroom vanity design idea

If you have a teenage daughter at home and looking forward to style up her vanity section, take a look at this stunner of a bedroom vanity piece that would sweep you and your baby off her feet! The white themed bedroom vanity in the image looks just gorgeous with smooth frills bordered dresser with three mirror set piece framed ornately. The chaise of drawers offers storage of cosmetics and many other girly things. To accentuate its beauty, there is a cute chair with light blue upholstery, looking serene and sexy!

Bedroom Vanities

Image credit: decoist

8. Stunning bedroom vanity idea with sparkle drop chandelier

You can style your bedroom vanity with such bedroom vanity ideas that imbibe glamorous accessories to magnify the appearance just like the bedroom vanity seen in the image that is decked up with a stunning sparkle drop chandelier that accentuates the white themed vanity meant for a lovely woman! The oval mirror looks good with the curvaceous dresser with ornate leg endings. The stool with fluffy cushion also adds style. The chandelier is placed in a way that it lends a glittering sheen and creates sexy silhouettes!

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Bedroom Vanities

Image credit: pbteen

9. Antique bedroom vanity with mesmerizing mirror

I have always loved rustic furnishings adorning my house decor, and my boudoir as it may be called houses one such bedroom vanity set that is antique as well as rustic in appearance. The vanity set in the image below is a stunning piece that has carved legs with golden embellishments here and there that make it look vintage. Though, the design of the bedroom vanity is simple with a cute looking ottoman placed, yet, it does manage to invoke quite a lot of passion.

Bedroom Vanities

Image credit: tigerligan

10. Classic bedroom vanity ideas

Your bedroom can be made to look impressive with this awesome bedroom vanity idea that combines chic with classical touch. The elegantly carved dresser with golden metallic borders lining the whole table and the carved legs look gorgeous and so does the elegant dark brown leather armchair. On the surface of the table, a whole lot of items can be placed such as the beautiful oval mirror bordered intricately with emblems and candle stands. Apart from it, there is a gorgeous looking mirror with embellished borders plastered on the wall.

Classic bedroom vanity ideas

Image credit: distrohome

11. Classy bedroom vanity with mirrors

A bedroom vanity is of no use if its not installed with mirrors. A mirror not only enhances the appeal of a vanity section but is also a must for you to dress up. Seen here is a good looking bedroom vanity that is classy in style and is accompanied with three paneled mirror set, carved in arches and offering a three way reflection. The two adjoining surface areas are joined with a glass top and the dresser is equipped with a chaise of drawers for storing things of your choice. The wooden stool with white cushion is trendy and compliments the vanity well.

Bedroom Vanities

Image credit: hafblog

12. Built in cupboard vanities for bedroom

A home with less space can also house stunning bedroom vanities if he or she is meticulous in designing the bedroom space well. Vanities can be built inside cupboards to save on space and also offer storage solutions. In the image is a white themed cupboard cum vanity that is lined with a chaise of drawers for storing a number of objects as one pleases. The three paneled cupboard can be used to store things on either sides, just as you can see, while the middle portion can be utilized for dressing up. The dresser is fitted with a big mirror and the stool is trendy to look.

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vanities for bedroom

Image credit: indulgy

13. Inspiring mid century vanity design idea

A woman’s bedroom vanity must look spectacular for her to feel sexy and elegant. The vanity design idea imbibed in the bedroom below seems mid century in style with an ornately carved oval mirror in white and matching with it is the dressing table in white with ornately carved stands lending it a good support. The bedroom vanity looks absolutely stunning with three drawers, intricately designed. The surface area is big and it can be used for storing cosmetics and other womanly items.

vanities for bedroom

Image credit: tovtov

14. Swanky vanities for bedroom with mirror and bench

If styling your boudoir just like movie stars has been your dream, you can do so now by taking cue from this awesome bedroom vanity idea present below. The black decor of the vanity looks stunning against the patterned wall and the fluffy rug spread on the flooring. The look of the vanity is chic with a three paneled arched mirror set adorned with light bulbs that offer smooth reflections. The chaise of drawers offers storage solutions for your many beauty products and the matching bench with iguana leather upholstery exudes a rich glow. The bench has legs made of platinum.

vanities for bedroom

Image credit: dunkandbright

15. Smooth green bedroom vanity with drawers and mirror

If a woman’s boudoir houses such an enigmatic bedroom vanity, I must compliment the sense of style inherent in that lady! The bedroom vanity seen in the image looks so stunning that it could very well be counted among the top five bedroom vanity ideas that the interior industry is talking about these days! The smooth silken green dressing table with multiple drawers that serve so much utility is a gorgeous piece that gets complimented by a three piece mirror set, lending elegance. The stool with white cushion looks as beautiful as the chandelier fixed on top of the vanity.

vanities for bedroom

Image credit: donghae

How did you like the above mentioned bedroom vanity ideas? All these designs are elegant and look stylish. Some of these bedroom vanities are designed keeping opulence in mind while others have a glint of vintage feel to them. Anyhow, all the above bedroom vanity ideas are rocking and will help you achieve some knowledge regarding the current bedroom vanity ideas that designers these days are implementing in most home interior projects. Do take a look and discuss how you feel!

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