Tips for Making Your City Bedroom Quieter

Tips for Making Your City Bedroom Quieter

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night or feel uneasy in your bedroom because of the way it carries sound? Echoes can make a room feel jarring, especially if it’s the room that’s supposed to serve as your private haven. In the city, the ever-present sounds of the world outside exacerbate the unease of an echoey bedroom. With the right adjustments, though, you can come to appreciate the boisterous city without losing sleep. Read on to discover what makes a room inherently loud, along with some helpful tips for making your city bedroom quieter.

What Causes Excess Sound in Your Bedroom?

Unfavorable acoustics in your bedroom exist for various reasons. Here are home interior elements that can cause excess echo in your rooms:

  • High ceilings
  • Glass, stone, hardwood, and tile surfaces
  • A lack of furniture and textiles that absorb sounds
  • Bare windows and walls

Now, consider your bedroom. Does it have some of these echo-causing elements? Let’s discuss how you can fix the stark ambiance in your room.

Cover Your Floors

Of all the reasons you should get a shag area rug, the fact that it can help with noise reduction is the most relevant. Shag area rugs have rich and often thick textures that are perfect for reducing your bedroom’s echo. Not only will a fancy rug help with sound, but it will also enhance your room’s appearance and overall coziness.

Embellish Your Bed (and Any Other Bedroom Furniture)

As you may have gathered, the more textiles and plush décor you have in your bedroom, the quieter it will be. One of our favorite tips for making your city bedroom quieter requires you to put your decorating skills to the test.

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When you embellish your bed and any other bedroom furniture, you reduce noise significantly. Throw pillows and throw blankets are chic tools for adorning your bed that double as reliable echo absorbers.

Don’t Forget Your Windows

A thick pair of drapes won’t just help keep light pollution from invading your room; it will also keep unwanted sounds from penetrating your space. If you needed an extra excuse to invest in stylish canvas, velvet, or suede drapes, ample noise reduction is a valid reason to make the purchase.