13 Creative Ways to Build Bathroom Storage Cabinets

No matter how beautifully designed, bathrooms tend toward surface clutter. If you don’t have assigned baskets that nestle neatly into the storage, personal care items can get jumbled. No doubt, you’ve looked over the cluttered bathroom counter or items arrayed along the side of the tub and thought, “Should I consider bathroom storage cabinets?”

The short answer? Yes! Custom-designed bathroom cabinetry is the ideal solution to a cluttered bathroom, especially if you were already thinking about remodeling for style and function. We’re here to share creative ways to put bathroom cabinetry to use, organize your storage, and make your bathroom more attractive.

Let’s dive into our favorite bathroom storage ideas.

Custom-designed bathroom cabinetry is the ideal solution to a cluttered bathroom

Bathtub Cabinetry

Vertical tub caddies can only hold so much, even when only two people share the bathtub. Whether you want to quickly with everything at-hand or luxuriate in a long bubble bath, bathtub cabinetry is a clever and potentially beautiful way to enhance your bathroom storage. 

1. Headboard Cabinets and Cubbies

A wall of cabinets, cubbies, and drawers can be built into the wall at the head or foot of a tub and used instead of (or in addition to) the usual vertical shower caddy. This is the perfect place to keep everything from your bath bombs to your pumice stones. Additionally, there are water-proof compartments at the top and slotted drip-dry compartments on the bottom.

2. Step and Storage Cabinets

Have you always wanted a little step into the tub or a nearby shelf-compartment to place drinks or hide supplies? A step-cabinet leading up to the tub can double as a side storage and a reachable place to set your drink. And, of course, a step into the tub.

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3. Side Wall Cabinet Convenience

Many people find that a sidewall of shallow cubbies is a wonderful addition to the bath experience, especially when paired with sliding frosted glass or plastic cabinet doors. You can place hooks, soap dishes, and anything else you like within. 

Overhead Cabinets Instead of Cornices

Overhead Cabinets Instead of Cornices

Bathrooms tend to get cluttered in our usual waist-to-shoulder reaching range, but what about overhead? For long-term storage items like guest towels, supplies, and those extra bottles of shampoo, overhead bathroom storage cabinets (instead of ceiling cornices) are a great idea. Consider how decorative, strategic cabinets along the top edge of your bathroom walls could look. Especially if combined with the right lighting.

4. Display Shelves and Cubbies

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your bathroom without taking up space, overhead shelves and cubbies can be the perfect solution. Potted plants, water-resistant art, or even decorative baskets full of backup towels, can make a lovely addition to your bathroom decor.

5. Out-of-the-Way Decorative Storage

When your overhead cabinets are decorated with carved or frosted glass doors to protect the contents, it doesn’t matter what you put inside. The cabinets will still be decorative. Store your extra bottles of shampoo, cleaning supplies, and anything else to be retrieved only when you need them. No need to take up valuable easy-access bathroom space with long-term storage.

6. Mounting Points for Mood Lighting

Not to mention, these overhead shelves are a wonderful place to add extra lighting. If you’ve always wanted indirect LED lighting lining your bathroom, for example, overhead cabinets or shelves are your perfect opportunity to add them.

Framing the Toilet with Attractively Useful Cabinets

toilet-cubicle cabinetry

Few toilet areas have enough storage for everything you might want to reach or have handy. Toilet-cubicle cabinetry can be a great addition to your bathroom, holding everything from close-at-hand backup rolls to plungers hidden out of sight, without taking up any extra floor space.

7. An Attractive Toilet Cubicle

The toilet cubicle in most bathrooms is plain by design, but yours doesn’t have to be. Building a shelf behind and around the back of the toilet puts that space to use, both functionally and decoratively.

8. Bathroom Reading Bookshelves

If you enjoy a little bathroom reading, a shelf around the toilet is the perfect place to build a moisture-resistant bookshelf. Or, a place to dock your device depending on how you like to read. This is not only attractive, it’s also friendly for guests.

9. Hide the Plunger, Brush, and Trash Can

The plunger, toilet brush, and little trashcan are necessities, but that doesn’t mean they need to be out in the open. Building a cabinet near your toilet gives you a convenient place to hide these items while still keeping them accessible. 

10. Extra Paper Rolls Close at Hand

There is no greater inconvenience than toilet paper storage that is far from the toilet. Having decorative-yet-handy bathroom storage cabinets around the toilet gives you a clever place to put a few extra rolls.

Tidying Up Under the Sink

Underneath the sink is often the untidy place we tend to store our least attractive bathroom items. Part of the problem is working around the sink trap, but with clever cabinetry solutions, you can turn that area into a beautifully organized and drip-safe space.

11. Separate The Plumbing From the Under-Sink Storage

One of the biggest problems with under-sink storage is the sink trap plumbing. But by closing this off in a water-resistant cubby, the rest of the under-sink cabinet becomes much more inviting for personal storage.

12. Cubbies or Under-Drawers for Quick Organization

The space left around the pipe cubby can be assigned to all sorts of things, such as a vertical stack of drawers, an enclosed cubby for each family member, or stored toiletries.

13. Hidden Water-Safe Outlet Access

With extra cabinetry under your sink, you can even create a safe water-protected outlet or two for additional power. Combine this with a clever hatch out the side of the cabinet, and you’ve got a great new place for charging your electric toothbrush or powering your phone for shower podcasts.

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