What Happens if Your Keyless Smart Lock Battery Dies?

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Technology offers great convenience to users across the globe. With smart locks, controlling doors at home and in the office has never been easier.

There are numerous keyless door locks to choose from to enhance your security. But one thing that people don’t tend to think about is the fact that smart locks require battery power to operate.

As with any electrical device that runs off batteries, these batteries must be changed before they run out. Once the battery level has expired, your smart lock will no longer operate. Now what? Well read on below to find out how to avoid this situation and what to do if it happens to you.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Understand Your Smart Lock

It is important to note that each smart lock is different. Each brand makes their locks using similar but different manufacturing processes. Also they offer different features across different makes and models.

This means that each model may have a different approach to deal with the situation of the battery dying. Before buying a smart lock, or if you already have one installed, make sure to understand what options you have available if the battery dies before being replaced.

Some models will be easier to deal with than others. Talk with an experienced security expert about the latest technologies that will suit your needs and budget.

Traditional Key Will Save The Day

The most common way to get a smart lock open when the battery has completely died is by using a traditional key. Most smart locks provide this traditional method of opening the lock to be used in emergencies. Not only could the battery die, but there could also be another malfunction of the lock, or you may have forgotten the access code, etc.

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Keeping this key in a safe place that can easily be accessed in case the battery dies, or another emergency arises is your best way to get back into your property. Don’t leave this key locked in the house otherwise you will not be able to get it.

How Long do Batteries Last?

Once again this will depend on each lock model, so get to understand your specific smart lock.

As a general guide you can expect the batteries in smart locks that use Bluetooth to last up to 1-2 years. Whereas smart locks that use Wi-Fi drain the battery quicker so will need to be replaced every 1-4 months.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

How to Avoid Running Into The Issue of Dead Batteries

The best way to avoid running into having your smart lock battery die is to change the batteries often. Read the user manual for the specific model of smart lock that you own for the suggested times to change the battery. Then set reminders in your calendar at these intervals to let you know you should change them.

Alternatively you can use the low warning reminder that many smart locks provide. These may be a flashing light, audible noise or both. Get familiar with your device and change the battery when these warnings are seen. As a last resort make sure to understand how you can gain access to your smart lock if the batteries die. This will usually be with a traditional key so you should carry a copy with you always, just in case.

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Why Choose Keyless Door Locks

If you are looking for a multifunctional door lock, smart locks are ideal. They offer convenience, better access control, and advanced security all at the same time. You can open and lock your doors with ease and sometimes even remotely.

Getting in or out of your house should not be stressful and depending on the model you choose you can operate with biometrics, smart phone, password combination or an access card.


Unfortunately with smart locks, a dead battery could lead to a lockout. Despite keyless door locks being convenient and user-friendly, this is a problem that you must prepare for. It is not a major one as there are various solutions.

Check on the low battery indicator and replace it in good time. If it is not possible and it dies on you, be familiar with your model to know how to perform an emergency lock override. Usually this is by using a traditional key.

Finally, proper maintenance of your security system is crucial. Have a locksmith check on it regularly, and if a problem is pointed out, it should be fixed promptly.