5 Things You Must Do Before Listing Your Home In The Market

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Many consider listing their home on the market as the beginning of the process of selling the property. However, there is so much more to be done before you finally reach this step, including real estate photography. So let’s dive deep into your pre-listing checklist, shall we?

1. Clear all the dues

The listing process would require you to have a clean sheet on the property; this goes without saying. You must ensure that all your property-related dues are cleared to date to avoid any legal trouble. These include utility bills, maintenance charges, taxes, etc.

2. Keep the documents ready

Ideally, you keep all your property-related original documents handy at all times. Some of the most important documents to prepare beforehand are the original sale deed, your allotment letter, and the sale agreement. In addition, if you live in a housing society, a no-objection certificate is also required. Keeping all these documents ready with you allows you to be carefree during the listing process, inspections, and buyer visits, as you wouldn’t need to run around scrambling for the same.

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3. Study the market for an estimate

This is a necessary step to take while you begin clearing dues and gathering the documents. Do your homework on the market to understand the actual value of your home. Learning more about the prices of houses in your neighborhood will give you an estimate instead of shooting for an unreasonably high arbitrary value, driving away potential buyers. You could also spend some time on real estate websites and portals, classifieds, and magazines to gauge an estimate.

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Individual sellers often face issues when putting a price on their property. They are usually unaware of conducting a market study and are wary of investing in a realtor. If you’re one of those, consider getting in touch with professionals such as HomeFront that allow you to sell your house to them at the market value without having to face the hassle of interacting with buyers.

4. Get the property ready

As a basic courtesy to your potential buyers and to increase the chances of getting a deal, you must make sure that you repair all the major problems around the house. For example, if there is an issue with the HVAC system, plumbing, roofing, etc., make sure to get it all repaired before listing the property to avoid any last-minute hassle. Also, thoroughly clean your property thoroughly, as a clean, well-kept home will give your buyers a great impression and increase the chances of offering a deal. Clear out the counters, cupboards, and closets for the visible spaces to look great. Clean the washrooms, baths, and the ventilation system to eliminate any foul smell around the house. Take some time also to declutter your home. If you have belongings overflowing the house, donate or store them outside your home.

It is ideal for scrubbing off your personality from the house since it should appear as a blank canvas to your potential buyers. Remove all the personal items, art, and photographs around the house. Though, you should leave a few pretty pieces of art and framed photos around the house to make it look like an appealing, inviting space to live in.

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5. Have your moving plan ready

While this is a step people often make before they begin moving, you must have a moving plan ready beforehand to avoid any confusion when cleaning and decluttering your home before listing. It gives you the freedom to begin the moving process as soon as your house gets listed and bought.

With just these few steps that you take, the process of selling your house can be a cakewalk for you and your family.