18 (More) Creative Floral Wallpapers For Living Room

Since 18 Creative Floral Wallpapers For Living Room was so popular, we decided to give it an update.

Decorating with florals can be a little bit of a tricky art, particularly if you want the space to look modern and interesting.

After all, nobody wants to spend time decorating only for it to look dated and too traditional. Luckily, we’ve come a long way in wallpaper design, so now there are plenty of options for creative floral wallpapers for the living room.

There’s a reason that florals are timeless and classic, and we’ve compiled some of our favorite floral wallpapers for living rooms, to help give you some inspiration.

1. Neon Luxuryfloral wallpaper

Source: Pexels

Whether you want to update an existing vintage print on your walls, or you’re looking to play with the combination of retro and modern, consider looking at incorporating some neon art in matching colors.

2. Navy & Gold

floral wallpaper

Source: Free Images

When you’re thinking about florals, especially for a living room, you don’t have to stick to a conventional color palette. Playing with dark tones and metallics gives you the opportunity to have a lot of fun with your accessories.

3. Conventional Classicsfloral wallpaper

Source: Unsplash

You can’t beat a traditional print, like a William Morris effect. Give your home the sensation of being a beautiful country farmhouse. It’s a phenomenal way to play with pattern and color.

4. Tropical Style

floral wallpaper

Source: Pexels

We’re obsessed with chic palm fronds, especially if you like to keep your other accents more neutral. Add pops of color with fun tropical accessories and keep the rest of the space cozy and calm.

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5. Feature the Wall

floral wallpaper

Source: Wallpaper Flare

If you’re wary about going too loud with a floral pattern but are still interested in exploring your floral style, consider a leaf print on a half wall. This is a great way to add some interest to a plain wall.

6. Consider a Mural

floral wallpaper

Source: Halar Khan

Who says that you have to go with bright colors? Instead, consider a relief mural – bringing you a little art with your pattern. It doesn’t have to be particularly complicated to bring something interesting to the wall.

7. Fabric Printsfloral wallpaper

Source: Billy Wilson

Draping fabric on the walls is a unique take on decorating your living room. Add throws to your furniture to bring you a sumptuous, maximalist feel. It’s a great way to show off your flower displays.

8. Think Pink

floral wallpaper

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Make it feel like springtime year-round with a cherry blossom effect on the wall. Decals are a great way to experiment, without feeling like you have to be stuck with it forever. Choosing one wall to make the feature means that you’re not limited to how you decorate the rest of your room, but can still celebrate florals.

9. Prints on Print

floral wallpaper

Source: Wallpaper Flare

One of the reasons you might hesitate to put floral paper up on your living room wall could be because you feel limited in the art you can display. Not so! Picking a single tone pattern on the wall gives you the opportunity to play with art and print placements.

10. Not technically wallpaper, but…

floral wallpaper

Source: Pexels

We know, we know, but we couldn’t resist. Instead of decorating your wall with bright papers or decals, why not consider making the flowers the purpose of your wall. Creating little art effects with simple boxes and floral patterns gives you space to explore your inner artist’s side. Go wild!

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