What You Should Know Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

What You Should Know Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

As you remodel your home, you may wonder about the many small additions you can add and maybe save on some bills. With energy bills in mind, you might think about adding a ceiling fan to the enclosed patio or even your kitchen. Before you purchase the first of many ceiling fans, here’s what you should know before buying a ceiling fan.

Every Fan Varies in Size

There’s a wide variety to select from when shopping. When looking for the right ceiling fan, consider that the fans aren’t limited to one size. You need a fan that helps balance out a room’s size and has a wide enough wingspan to help circulate the air in a room. For example, consider the bathroom. A ceiling fan in a bathroom needs a blade length of 29 to 36 inches if the area is 75 square feet.

Fan Blades Keep Air Circulating

When considering a fan, remember that they come with either three, four, or five blades. Fan blades help keep the air flowing, determining how much air goes around a room. For example, a five-bladed fan in a tall ceiling room won’t push as much air around, but a three-bladed fan can help force more air to float around a room. A fan can circulate more air if it has fewer blades.

One other thing to keep in mind when buying is the blade pitch. The blade pitch refers to how much further away the blades are from the propeller. The blade pitch requirement is between 12- and 15-degree angles.

Height Makes a Huge Difference

For the most optimal air circulation, you should place a ceiling fan in the center of a room and hang it close to 9 feet above the ground. Depending on your ceiling length, the height that you hold your ceiling fan from can determine how well air circulates.

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Fans Need Some Support

A ceiling fan needs the right mount to support itself from ripping out of the ceiling. When purchasing a ceiling fan, you should have a support system approved by the national electrical code.

Ceiling Fans Come With Choice of Lighting

While out shopping, keep in mind what sort of lighting options you want. There’s the classic ceiling fan with no lighting features, and then there’s the contemporary style that offers enough light to flood the room. If you need one for the living room, a ceiling fan with indirect lighting makes the room feel warm and inviting.

When looking over the different benefits of a ceiling fan, don’t forget the vital information about what you should know before buying a ceiling fan. Heed our advice, and you’ll reap the fantastic benefits of owning a ceiling fan.