How To Be Environmentally Friendly in Fall Cleanup

How To Be Environmentally Friendly in Fall Cleanup

We all know about spring cleaning, but we also have duties to complete in the fall before the real chill comes. This year, be good to nature and thank it for the beautiful summer by following a few green cleaning hacks. Here’s how to be environmentally friendly in fall cleanup this year!

Go Easy on the Yard

If you’ve got a big lawn, you may be used to constant trimming and maintenance to keep it looking tidy. However, what’s good for the garden isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing choice. You don’t have to destroy every single fallen leaf in your yard. In fact, those dead leaves are rich in nutrients that your garden needs!

Rake those leaves by hand instead of using a leaf blower. It’s easier on the environment and the workout will do you good. Mulch them (or have someone else do it) and spread that mulch around your perennial plants to protect them from harsh winter weather.

Toss Your Junk Responsibly

Instead of throwing all your trash into one big receptacle, think more critically about where that trash is going. If you haven’t got a recycling bin or a service that will haul recyclables away, call your town’s waste management department for further advice.

In the flurry of house and yard work, sorting your recyclables may not be the first thing on your mind. Instead of tossing all your junk in one fell swoop, call a cleanup service to haul it all away. They’ll do the work for you by responsibly sorting and disposing of your garbage.

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Switch to Green Cleaning Products

When you look at the ingredient lists on your cleaning products, how many of those ingredients can you pronounce? While not all chemicals are created equal, you and the earth will feel better in knowing what’s in those products.

Some people swear by a simple mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to clean surfaces. It’s a quick and easy solution, and you probably have both of those items in your pantry anyway. But if you’re looking for a gentler scent, look for cleaning products that use natural ingredients. If you’re unsure about a product, the EPA’s Safer Choice program has a searchable database that’ll tell you whether the product meets EPA guidelines.

This fall, be kind to the earth as you clean up your little corner of it. Your efforts, no matter how small they may seem to you, go a long way in maintaining and respecting the environment around you. When you know how to be environmentally friendly in fall cleanup, the work will be more rewarding.