How Should You Decorate Your buy to let Property?

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If you’re a buy to let property investor, you’ll know that in order for your property to succeed, you’ll need to attract a regular stream of tenant demand. Without this demand, you’re more likely to experience void periods and lose out on rental income. Aside from the area your property is based in, the property itself and how it’s decorated can also help boost these levels of demand. Here are some top tips to help you decorate your buy to let property.

Keep it simple

If you’re looking to attract a wide range of people, keeping the decor as simple as possible is a good tactic. Not every tenant will appreciate bright yellow walls or extravagant wallpaper, even if it is to your taste. Painting the walls in neutral shades allows potential tenants to visualise themselves in the property and think about how it will look once they’ve put their stamp on it with home accessories.

When painting in a neutral color, however, make sure you choose the right . A lot of landlords tend to paint their whole property in an off-white, magnolia color. While this is neutral, it can make a property look dull and lifeless. Opt for white instead, which makes a room appear bright and spacious. You could also use light grey shades as a way to keep things simple while adding a bit more depth.

Keep your target tenant in mind

Have you thought about the type of tenant that’s going to be renting your property? If not, it’s time to do so. If you own student accommodation, it’s obvious that your tenant will be a student, so you’ll need to decorate the property in a way that appeals to this demographic. Similarly, if you own a city-centre residential apartment, you should make sure that the interior caters to young professional tenants.

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Think about the things that your target tenants want in their property, as this can differ depending on the tenant. Students tend to be drawn towards practicalities like a built-in desk area and lots of storage space. While young professionals are interested in a property with a stylish and modern look, and families will appreciate space and comfort.

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Some property companies, like RW Invest, offer residential city-centre properties that are tailored towards young professionals. These properties are designed with a modern look, offering investors the option to decorate with high-quality furniture packs.

Choose practical

You have to remember to keep practicality at the forefront when decorating your buy to let. Your tenant won’t be staying in your property forever, so you need to try and keep everything looking good as new for when your next resident moves in.

Flooring is a big factor to think about when decorating a buy to let property. While many landlords will opt for a cheap dark coloured carpet which doesn’t show up any stains or damage, this isn’t a good option if you care about the property’s appearance. Wooden flooring is the easiest option for your property as it’s easy to maintain, and tends to be favoured by a lot of tenants.

However, while wooden flooring works well in the living and dining areas, carpet is usually the preferred choice in bedrooms. Carpet provides comfort along with insulating the room and keeping in warmth. If you’re concerned about stains, look for durable styles of carpet like those made with polyester fibres and with a tightly twisted yarn. To keep the property looking good while still limiting damage, choose a light brown carpet with specs of beige which will look softer and less harsh than a dark brown or dark grey option.

For the bathroom and kitchen, avoid using cheap flooring as more than likely this won’t last long, especially in overly humid conditions. If you want flooring that’s going to last, opt for ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles. These materials are better to use than vinyl, which can be susceptible to mold and mildew. Not only that, but it will give your property a luxury feel.

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As with the rest of the decor, choose tiles in neutral shades, and avoid any outdated styles or patterns. If you have a small bathroom on the property, then white floor tiles can make the room look more spacious. In the kitchen, concrete flooring in a neutral color provides a stylish option that is durable and attractive.