Décor Ideas for the Perfect Cottagecore Aesthetic

Décor Ideas for the Perfect Cottagecore Aesthetic

After the rapid urbanization, corruption, and degradation of the industrial revolution, the people of the world began to long for simplicity. They started idealizing nature, emotion, and days gone by, giving us the romantic and transcendentalist movements. We’re seeing a similar push today in response to the explosion of technology and everything going wrong in the world. And that push is called “cottagecore.”

The cottagecore aesthetic, which has circulated the internet for the past few years, harkens back to the picturesque English countryside and emphasizes minimalism, sustainability, comfort, and getting in touch with nature. When applied to interior design, it’s like a breath of fresh air in a busy world. Our décor ideas for the perfect cottagecore aesthetic will help you make it happen.

Choose Earthy Colors

A running theme throughout our list is the idea of returning to nature. Natural colors like muted greens, browns, blues, and neutrals are the easiest on the eyes and tend to make us feel calm. Emphasizing wood through wood flooring, furniture, and trim often creates the foundation for these colors. Dotting these with floral-colored accents like pinks or reds will complete the garden-like image.

Earthy colors are subtle to the eyes. If you want to make your home feel calmer, you can choose patterns such as Bohemian and nature prints that would still adopt the cottagecore aesthetic. You can incorporate this concept on carpets, throw pillows, table covers, and other home accessories. Just make sure to keep a balance between prints and patterns so that your designs won’t look too crowded or cluttered.

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Focus on Nature

You don’t just have to hint at a return to nature. Cottagecore homes always bring nature into the home, whether real or artificial. A few ideas you might try include:

  • Hanging wildflowers or herbs along the walls
  • Placing fresh flowers in a vase
  • Growing house plants or an indoor herb garden
  • Choosing floral-patterned textiles
  • Putting scenic prints on the walls

Sunshine is another outdoor element you should consider. Using light-colored window trimmings and hanging mirrors will maximize the natural light in the space.

In addition, you can also create a cross-stitch with nature patterns using DMC embroidery thread or other similar thread. You may frame your artwork and hang it on the wall of your living room or bedroom. This masterpiece will add to the cottagecore aesthetic in your home.

Coziness Is Key

Cottages are cozy almost by definition. And while coziness is in the eye of the beholder, you can follow certain principles to make a house feel more “homey.” Instead of emphasizing how big a room is, try making it feel a little smaller by bringing furniture closer together or using darker paint on the wall or ceiling.

Texture is also key to coziness. Try to favor soft and rustic over sleek and smooth. Choose between a quilt or duvet instead of a smooth comforter and distressed furniture over freshly painted. Using rugs, upholstered furniture, and lots of pillows will give the home a pleasant, lived-in feeling.

In addition, you can achieve a cozier and more comfortable home by revamping your interior design and replacing furnishings that don’t go well with your cottagecore design. You can also remove the clutter and organize things to set a good mood for at-home work, family bonding, and resting. You should keep your living space clean at all times by implementing the ‘clean-as-you-go rule’ to avoid clutter and maintain a cozy home.

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Nod To Days Gone by

The cottagecore aesthetic draws on the time period when little cottages in the countryside were common—interestingly, around the same time as the transcendentalist period. Finding ways to incorporate old-fashioned elements will help bring this look home. A few vintage décor ideas for your cottagecore aesthetic may include:

  • Hanging vintage artwork
  • Using a picture railing
  • Emphasizing wood finish
  • Buying antiques
  • Putting up wallpaper
  • Displaying vintage books

You can source vintage pieces online or through physical shops selling antique furniture. There are specialty furniture shops selling vintage or vintage-inspired furniture with a natural or raw finish. This way, you can be inspired by the countryside’s way of life years ago through your vintage furnishings, which are perfect for the cottagecore aesthetic.


A home doesn’t have to be old-fashioned to be cottagecore. Simply incorporating these elements in an otherwise modern look can add a little cottage flair.