Win the Battle with Weeds without the Chemicals

Win the Battle with Weeds without the Dreadful Chemicals

Although weeds are simply plants out of space, they can really drag down the look of your . There is no distinct botanical classification and is purely based on the gardeners’ point of view. If the greenery doesn’t belong in your garden, it’s weed and represents competition for the other plant. In reality many of these unwanted plants are edible and have medicinal properties. If you still need to get rid of the weeds, it’s best to do it in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Most of the conventional herbicides, fungicides and pesticides are volatile and can easily get into the soil, polluting the ground and drinking water. Luckily, you can get rid of the pesky garden invaders without the harsh products. No, we are not talking about the traditional methods like pulling and digging. Read on to find out how to remove weeds from your garden without the heavy work and the poisonous herbicides.

Win the Battle with Weeds without the Dreadful Chemicals

Boiling Water

One of the most effective weed killers is plain water. The hot liquid actually works better than most of the products on the market. Simply fill the kettle with tap water and put it on the stove. Heat until its boiling and then pour it over the unwanted plants. Be careful when using the hot water, because it can also damage the nearby plants and their roots.


Vinegar provides cheap and organic way to remove the weeds once and for all. You can use both white and cider vinegar. The acetic acid is sprayed on the leaves of the “alien” plant. Since the vinegar is not directly used in the roots and should be applied a couple of times. Mix in a spray bottle 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water. You can use the liquid from leftover pickles. The solution works best on young plants.

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Sprinkle a bit of salt on your garden pathways and where needed, but add carefully. Just a small amount is enough to eradicate all the pesky weeds. Plus, the salt can damage the concrete surface and can leave your land infertile for a long time.


Have a pile of newspapers that your home? Instead of throwing them, cover the low-growing weeds like crabgrass and clover with paper. The newspapers serve as mulch and prevent the unwanted greenery from sprouting.

Other plants

If these methods seem too risky for the rest of your plants, try out this gardening trick. In , there is a serious competition for resources where only the strongest and most ingenious plants survive. Planting flowers and garden crops that will use up all the available water, sunlight and nutrients will naturally eliminate the weeds. This will spare you both money and the efforts.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers such as retaining walls and lawn edgings provide long-term solution for keeping the weeds at bay. Create simple and inexpensive edging out of pressure – treated decking boards. Cut them in appropriately sized pieces and hammer them into the ground next to each other. Your goal is to make a continuous edge.