Ways to Keep your Heating Oil Tank in Top-Notch Condition this Summer

Do you wish to have a long-lasting fuel storage tank? If yes, then here’s your way out to protect your tank. Reading on, you’ll also know how to extend its life. Why is it essential to keep it full during the summer months?

If you’re thinking of the reasons, it’s because your oil tank has an ideal space, which causes much trouble. Thereby, it’s best to keep your tank at least half-full during the summer months.

The reason behind this saying is condensation. Water condensation appears in the empty tank space, which is the most common during the summer months. The hot, humid days and cooler nights create just the perfect atmosphere for condensation buildup. But, the worst part is yet to come! Suppose you have your oil tank in an unshaded area, or it lies . In that case, condensation is a sure-short way of deteriorating your oil tank life.

The problem becomes severe when you forget about your heating system and let it sit until next summer. However, it pays to keep an eye on your tank during the summertime. But, how do you do that? Well, carrying out these steps, you can ensure a good tank condition even when you’re not using it:

  • Fill your Tank:

The first step for a long-lasting tank is filling it with oil when it’s not in use. Now that you’re wondering how to protect your tank, it becomes vital to understand that leaving it partly full does no good. Instead, it only causes damage to the internal casing of the tank as the left-off air forms condensation.

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The condensed water oxidises, which rusts the casing. Another issue that has come to sight over a half-filled tank is system breakdown. Bacteria generally form on the water top, and as the bacteria dies, it falls to the tank bottom. The presence of microorganisms creates sludge sediment, which eventually causes a breakdown.

  • You’ll Appreciate a Summer Fill Later On:

As you’re well aware, heating oil prices are known to fluctuate all through the year.

Although the exact costs are a little challenging to predict, as per the rule, know that the heating oil is cheap during the summer months, owing to low demand. You get the correct amount at not only an affordable price but also the one that performs well. Stocking up the heating oil will prepare your heating in case of a cold snap.

  • Undertake Regular Tank Servicing:

As your heating oil tank will not be of much use during the summer months, it is always good to have a professional inspection. An expert will come over to carry out a scheduled maintenance check.

There are two reasons for doing so. First, you’ll have the flexibility of scheduling a tank inspection at your convenience, owing to less demand for engineers during the warm summer months. Yes, you will no longer have until fall. And, second, it will ensure that your home heating fuel is in top-notch condition.

The Bottom Line

Securing your tank against fuel theft and regularly inspecting it are other maxims of ensuring protection to your tank. As you fear condensation as a problem, know it is an avoidable one. All you’ve to do is reach out to a professional and watch adequate tank fueling for the future.

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